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Food Coloring

Ingredient of Cake Color Gel

Artificial color 

glycerin E422

Xanthan gum E415

Potassium Sorbate E202

Anhydrous citric acid E330

pure water

Allergen: Xanthan Gum E415    

Icing writing gel color available: can be customized 

Packaging of gel writing icing: 21g/bottle 

Specification of Cake Color Gel

Product name

Gel Icing




19g, 20g, 30g, 56g, 99g


gingerbread cookie pieces, ready to eat frosting, gum drops, gel icing candy beads, pearl nonpareils, etc

Shelf life



Sparkle Gel Icing/ Writing Gel Icing




Bulk packing/customized packing


T/T, Credit card, Alibaba Trade Assurance


by sea or by air, Express(FedEx, UPS, TNT)

Advantages of Cake Color Gel

  • Professional and advanced equipment

  • Personality customization for edible cake color gel's size and shape

  • Various options for cake baking accessories, pick up the accessories and make a kit

  • Two different types for gel icing: Writing Gel & Sparkle Gel

How to judge the quality of the Cake Color Gel

  • Easy to squeeze out or not?

  • Is cake food coloring gel smooth on the surface or not?

  • Three-dimensional features, so that the edible food color gel will not lose shape in decoration

  • Continuity, so the gel icing for writing on cake will not break easily during the squeeze.

  • Good color retention

  • Tube rapture. The biggest threat of the icing writing gel is tube rupture.

Following are the reasons to cause it, pls kindly check:

A: The tube material of the gel writing icing. Our tube meet food grade standard, and we passed the stress testing, the tube will not rupture base on proper press(0.4-0.6mpa).

B: The temperature to seal the tube. From melting the sugar, mixing material, packing all have high requirements about the temperature, we are doing the right control to guarantee the food coloring gel quality for cake.

C: Bacteria, the bacteria growth will cause the tube rupture of icing writing gel directly. So we control the quality of water, the water is purified by the reverse osmosis system from the USA.

FAQs of Color Gel

  • Q. What is the application?
    A :

    Color gel can be applied to make rainbow cake, fondant cake, bean paste piping, sugar cookie etc. 

  • Q. How to use?
  • Q. Recommended dosage
  • Q. What is Features of color gel?
  • Q. How to judge the quality of the gel
  • Q. Why will cause tube rapture?

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