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BakeryDeco fondant china factory and fondant company provides bulk fondant for sale and fondant supplies wholesale at a good sugar paste price. Fondant is a playdough-like types of sugar paste that can be rolled out and draped over a simple or sculpted cake. Our sugarpaste wholesale is usually kneaded until very silky and pliable and can be used to create a smooth seamless finish on cakes in any color.

Decoration fondant of is a premium quality organic fondant for creating a smooth, elegant finish for wedding, birthday, novelty, and special-occasion cakes. Additionally, flavored fondant is used as a modeling paste to create decorative borders, flowers, drapes and bows. Impress your friends and clients with unbelievable designs and artwork for those special occasions with BakeryDeco sugar paste for sale. Contact our fondant icing supplier for the latest fondant cost.

Specification of Fondant


Bakery Decoration Ingredients




Any color is available





Free Samples



Bag or bottle

Gluten Free



Artificial /Natural

Dairy Free



Artificial /Natural

Shelf Life

18 months


Bag or bottle

Advantages of Fondant

  • Premium raw materials of our fondant icing wholesale: sugar and palm oil which make the surface of fondant icing white(if the raw materials of sugar and palm oil is not good which make the surface of fondant yellow)

  • BakeryDeco sugar paste wholesale is not very sticky.  Others' fondant is sticky which sticks to the packing bag and rolling pin

  • Roll thinner and stretches further

  • The sweetness of our fondant sugar icing is lower 40% than other fondants

  • Faster and more uniform when coloring

  • Easy fondant to use for any skill level even beginners

  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free vegan fondant icing

  • Our fondant supplier's product tastes good that has great texture 

FAQs of Fondant

  • Q. What are different types of fondant tools used for?
    A :

    Fondant modeling tools are used for shaping and imprinting – for example achieve life like flowers and leaves, for sculpting figures and marking patterns in fondant decorations and cakes. These tools such as the biscuit shape cutters are used to shape and soften flower petals if you are making shiny fondant flowers.

  • Q. Storage of Fondant Tools
  • Q. How to store Fondant of BakeryDeco fondant factory?
  • Q. What is shelf life of Fondant?

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