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    • What is the Flavor of Sprinkles?
    • 30th Apr 2024
    • What is the Flavor of Sprinkles? Sweet Taste Combination of the Ingredients (sugar, vanilla, corn syrup) Add a Crunch more than a Flavor Chocolate Sprinkles (Jimmies) Choosing the Flavors and Colors for your Project Selecting a Theme or Design Taste is Important Searching for a Quality Product
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    • Liquid Food Coloring Liquid vs Color Gel
    • 09th Jan 2024
    • Color is essential in baking, from beautiful crimson velvet cupcakes to enchanting rainbow cakes. It breathes existence into our culinary creations and makes them irresistibly inviting. But while deciding between liquid meal coloring and color gel?
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    • Pastry Bag: Everything You Need to Know
    • 05th Jan 2024
    • You are calling all bakers, cake artists, and dessert fanatics! Are you tired of limp, uneven frosting swirls and misshapen cookies? Do you dream of piping delicate rosettes, difficult borders, and playful characters with convenient precision? Then ditch the frosting spatula and dive into the incredible international pastry baggage!
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    • How Do You Refresh Dried Marshmallows?
    • 26th Dec 2023
    • Do you remember that bag of marshmallows hidden in your pantry? Don't throw them away just yet! These easy tricks will transform those stiff, unyielding squares into pillowy perfection. Your s'mores dreams are about to come true, so get ready for gooey goodness and melty magic. Interested?
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    • What Is The History Of Fondant?
    • 14th Dec 2023
    • I remember working with fondant one day, having so much fun with it, and thinking I wonder what the history of fondant is? Where did it come from? Who created it and what did they do with it? How different was it from what I am using right now? After so much research, I found out plenty that I will share with you here.
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    • What Is The Types Of Food Coloring?
    • 22nd Nov 2023
    • What are the types of food coloring? Perhaps you thought there was only one. Not all food coloring products are the same. There are three distinct food coloring types you can select to use for a project. Understanding what they offer, the differences and best practices can help you decide.
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    • Is Sprinkles Kosher?
    • 15th Nov 2023
    • Sprinkles are a delightful addition to anything sweet including cakes, cookies, ice cream, and even toast in some locations. Many people ask if sprinkles are kosher. They may need that information for dietary limits or religious reasons. Understanding what sprinkles are made from and getting that answer is found in this article!