Cake Sprinkle and Bakery Tools Wholesale

BakeryDeco as a wholesale cake sprinkles manufacturer and cake decorating sprinkles supplier specialized in whole range of bakery products production and exporting business, our successful products including cake decoration sugar sprinkles, edible fondant, Gelatin Sheets, icing, gel, cake decoration airbrush kits and other bakery tools wholesale to provide more choice for customers.

Bakery Accessories Wholesale OEM Services

We provide customized solutions of wholesale cake sprinkles and bakery tools to fulfill different customer's needs. Main OEM service for airbrush & cake decorating sprinkles supplies as below.

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Company Profile

Bakerydeco Sprinkle Industry is one of the top producers and exporters of high-quality decorative baking sprinkles, like edible cake decorating sugar sprinkles, pastel cake sprinkles, and baking sprinkles, as well as other related bakery lines equipment like baking tools and accessories. We can supply you with wholesale access to bakery equipment, pastry ingredients, and edible sprinkles for cakes and cupcakes.

BakeryDeco Sprinkle marketing team is well-trained, energetic, and professional, holding the spirit of "being thankful, helpful, and sharing", we know our customers very well and can meet their demands for products immediately anywhere, and anytime. That is why we are highly praised by our customers at home and abroad.

BakeryDeco Sprinkle's tenet is "to survive by quality, to develop by science and technology, to stabilize by management, and to create an image by credits". Our operational philosophy is "leading technology, excellent quality, honesty and trustworthiness, and complete service". Supported by our specialized techniques, we provide our customers with considerate and satisfactory service as well as safe, healthy, and quality products.

BakeryDeco industry as a cake decorating sprinkles supplier and bakery accessories and tools supplier is devoted to expanding the overseas business. We are always improving and we have the confidence to be your most reliable partner in China.

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