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Halloween Sprinkles

Treat or Trick. We have many kinds of Halloween edible sprinkles to meet on Halloween Day, such as Halloween ghost sprinkles, Halloween sprinkles eyes, Halloween bat sprinkles, Halloween bone candy sprinkles, Halloween skull sprinkles, and so on. We have 100% confidence that all of our Halloween-themed sprinkles may meet your need.

Quality is our culture. Our dye-free Halloween candy sprinkles have BRC, FDA, HACCP, KOSHER, and HALAL certificates. Our RGD is less than 1% within 5 years.

Professional Halloween baking sprinkles manufacturer. We have professional production in line with BRC & GMP. Our director has focused on producing different types of sprinkles for more than 15 years. 

Considerate service. We have served many brand customers, like Walmart and Wilton. 

Punctual delivery. Our rate of late delivery is less than 2% within 5 years. 

Halloween Candy Sprinkles

Halloween Confetti Sprinkles

Halloween Sanding Sugar Sprinkles

Halloween Jimmies

Features of Bakerydeco Halloween Sprinkles

Our edible Halloween sprinkles can help you to create an attractive and admirable Halloween cake and dessert that you don't have to worry about ingestion problems. Our gluten-free Halloween sprinkles have FDA, BRC, HACCP, KOSHER & HALAL certificates for your safety. Healthy raw materials, and professional natural and organic Halloween sprinkles production techniques for your health and good experience; KOSHER & HALAL certificate for protecting your faith and habit; also a variety of vegan Halloween sprinkles for you to choose. 

Common Halloween Themed Sprinkles Shapes

DON’T BE SCARED. We have many kinds of shapes of candy to meet on Halloween Day, such as Halloween ghost sprinkles, Halloween sprinkles eyes, Halloween bat sprinkles, Halloween bone-shaped sprinkles, Halloween skull sprinkles, and so on. Also, we offer black, orange, and purple Halloween jimmies to match these Halloween candy sprinkles. We have 100% confidence that all of our sprinkles for Halloween may meet your need. 

Custom Halloween Sprinkles Bulk

Bakerydeco can offer you the OEM service and customization service if you are interested in our Halloween-colored sprinkles. We can offer you hundreds of Halloween edible sprinkles molds to select from. You can customize the color of the Halloween edible sprinkles according to the PANTONE color card. There will just have a 10% color difference. The customization of Halloween-themed sprinkles or Halloween-colored sprinkles design and packing are welcomed as well, all you need is to provide the custom Halloween sprinkles bulk blueprints and the corresponding dimensions. We are always ready to serve you.  Please contact us. We will negotiate with you at a reasonable price for the Halloween baking sprinkles.

Holiday Sprinkles
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