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Your valentines cake will be so much different and outstanding than others when you use our Valentines edible sprinkles because we always focus on creating the new style of Valentine's baking sprinkles to meet the market requirement and make our customers always lead the new trend in the sprinkles market, so they can be unique and competitive. That is one of the reasons why the customers chose Bakerydeco as their Valentine's day sprinkles bulk supplier, our mission is to protect your brand and reputation. 

Valentine Candy Sprinkles

Valentine Confetti Sprinkles

Valentines Sanding Sugar Sprinkles

Valentine Jimmies Sprinkles

Custom Sprinkles for Valentine's Day

Sprinkle is a sweet product transfer love, our Valentine’s day series sprinkle is the best choice for you to express your love for your families, friends, and all the people you loved. We can customize Valentine pressed candy sprinkles, Valentine nonpareils, confetti and Valentine sprinkle mix and control the color difference with 10%.  Just contact us and let us know your idea, we will produce them.

Vegan Valentines Sprinkles for Sale

If you or your lover is a vegetarian, you could find the wide product range of our vegan Valentine's sprinkles, including pearls, jimmies, candy shaped, etc. Our Valentines Sprinkles is suitable for vegans from our raw material to finished packing. Make your own vegan Valentine's day sprinkle mix to make your own special memory. 

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