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Big Heart Sprinkles Press Candy
    • Big Heart Sprinkles Press Candy
    • Item No.: SCN-02PE

      Shelf Life: 18months

      MOQ: 60-100kgs/color
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    Description of Big Heart Sprinkles Press Candy

    Big heart sprinkles press candy is a vary classic sprinkles shape, always the most popular cake decorating valentine's day sprinkle. Among all the edible love heart  sprinkles, pink cake sprinkles are most popular on valentine's day no matter vegan, big, small, tiny, mini, or large. 

    Our valentines baking sprinkles are the perfect Valentine cupcake, cake, and cookie sprinkle toppers! Using these defined shaped and bold color valentine heart sprinkles, you must bake some incredible valentines day treats without a lot of extra effort to have a truly one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day.

    If you want to bulk heart sprinkles, please contact us.

    Specification of Valentine Heart Sprinkles Press Candy

    Yasin provides different sizes and colors of valentine heart sprinkles packed in bags or bottles at competitive prices. You can refer to the following table for selection.

    We also customize valentines cake sprinkles for many styles and shapes.

    Item No.SCN-02PE Big Heart Sprinkles Press Candy
    Heightmini heart sprinkles Approximately 1/8 Inch
    small heart sprinkles Approximately 1/4 Inch
    big heart sprinkles Approximately 1/2 Inch
    large heart sprinkles Approximately 1 Inch
    Packing Choice Pouch bag  in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, etc 
    Bottle in different size 
    Blister card packing 
    Customized  your own unique brand packing 

    What do you do with Valentine Sprinkles?

    These heart candy sprinkles are perfect for Valentine's Day.  You can decorate valentines cake sprinkles on your cake, cookies, or chocolate to your lover. Match with other valentine sprinkles products to get Valentine sprinkle mix. Making your valentine gift with these particular valentine heart sprinkles will be super simple but it really packs a big punch when you give them as a big surprise. You can even buy some semi-finished cakes or biscuits and decorate them with valentines cake sprinkles and some cream or chocolate to complete your handmade Valentine's Day dessert just in a few minutes.

    If you enjoy the baking process, here are some recommended recipes and videos about what you can do with valentine sprinkles.

    Storage of Heart Confetti Sprinkles

    Keep valentine's day sprinkles stored for 18 months from the date of manufacture in a dark, cool, and dry place out of sunlight. Light will cause the color of sprinkles heart to fade. 

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