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Press Candy

Pressed candy is a series of sugar sprinkles, which has varies of creative shapes for customers different choices, with polish and pearlized surface. Our dextrose candy is genetically modified and gluten free of the ingredient. In strict accordance with the halal clean food standards, direct and environmental protection production is carried out through the standard production line.

Shaped Sprinkles Wholesale

What is the Most Common Shape for Sprinkles?

The most common shapes for cake decorations sprinkles include festival themes, as well as animals, hearts, stars, flowers and so on. Easter holiday cakes include ducks and rabbits. While holly leaves, candy bars and trees are common shapes for Christmas baking. There are also green clover cakes and cupcakes compressed candies on St. Patrick's day, and red or pink heart shaped  sprinkles on Valentine's day. Novelty spray for baking is usually provided with a separate, bright pure color container as multicolor package. Novel types of sprinklers are often harder to find than round, spherical or Jimmy, but YASIN has a variety of shape sprinkles options here.

Custom Shaped Sprinkles

We accept customized service on color, shape, ingredient & packaging for custom shaped sprinkles. Our gorgeous sugar shape candy is created for each different festival, which includes Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's, and basically cover every famous festival, we provide different press candies which can directly show the features of the different festival. These cake sugar shaped sprinkles are the best decoration choice for your festival cake, cookie, cupcake, etc. If you don't find your favorite choice in the stock provided now, you can contact us for customized services of compressed dextrose candy to add more fun and color to your festival party.

Shape Candy for Different Festivals

Our gorgeous sugar shape candy are create for each different festival, which include the Halloween, Chritmas, Easter, Valentine's and basically cover every famous festival, we provide different press candy which can directly show the features of the different festival, ciustomized style are also accepted. These shaped cake sugar sprinkles are the best decoration choice for your festival cake, cookie, cupcake, etc.

Shaped Candy for Decoration

These perfect sugar shape sprinkles for cake decoration were designed by our creative department which base on lots of actual figures basically include every shapes, these gorgeous press shape sprinkles are the perfect way to decorate your cake, cupcake, cookie, ice cream, pretty much everything related to the bakery, suitable for baby shower, birthday parties, wedding and more!

The Advantages of Press Candy

  • Smooth Polish Surface

  • Uniform Color & size

  • Varies of shapes choice

  • Accept customized service on color, shape, ingredient & packaging

  • GMO free, Gluten Free ingredient

  • HALAL & KOSHER Standard

  • Strict Quality Direct Production

  • Offer total solution

  • BRC standard production line

  • Eco-friendly environment protection

  • Organized storage

The Application of Press Candy

  • Cupcake decoration

  • Cookie decoration

  • Cake decoration

  • Ice cream decoration

  • Donut decoration

  • Lollipop decoration

  • Yogurt Decoration

Other Notes of Press Candy

  • Storage method: Store in a dry, sunless and well-ventilated place, keep ≤22°C,   relative humidity ≤55°C

  • Packaging details: Bottle packing: short/long bottle, 4/6 cell bottle, blister card packing; accept customized packing. Standard bulk packing: 3kgs/bag, 12kgs/ctn

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