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Sanding Sugar

As a professional sanding sugar manufacturer, Yasin cake sugar sprinkles has famously taste and bright colors such as colored, crystal, rainbow, sparkling. Our cake sprinkles manufacturer uses GuangXi MingYang osmanthus organic sanding sugar which is the best sugar in China, the control of sulfur content reached the standard of South Korea candy. You can buy edible sanding sugar bulk and wholesale at Yasin. Welcome to contact us. 

Bulk Edible Sanding Sugar

Features of BakeryDeco Cake Sugar Sprinkles

edible sanding sugar: gluten-free and vegan

organic sanding sugar: no additives with high quality raw material

colored sanding sugar: any color available with custom service

crystal sanding sugar: transparent and shiny texture

Sanding Sugar for Cake Decorating

You can use fine sanding sugar to dress up your cakes or foods in an easy way and look more eye-catching, look more attractive. Edible sanding sugar sprinkles dusted on top of baked goods, such as sanding sugar on cupcakes, sweet chocolate, various cakes, ice cream, jelly, wafer biscuits etc. Our coarse sanding sugar sprinkles includes burgundy sanding sugar, lime green sanding sugar and more rainbow sanding sugar. Yasin sanding sugar manufacturer's organic sanding sugar and fine sanding sugar which can also be used for baking and cake decorating on holiday like edible xmas sprinkles and mardi gras sanding sugar.

What is the difference between sparkling sanding sugar and sanding sugar sprinkles?

Sparkling sanding sugar and sanding sugar sprinkles are both a kind of fine sand-like particles that can spray out a variety of dazzling colors. But the biggest difference of them is that the sparkling sugar are more shinningg than sanding sugar for baking. Decorative colored sanding sugar sprinkles also have sugar shine and are often used in biscuits and other bakery foods. We always put coarse sugar crystals for baking anywhere. And it tastes as good on the outside as on the inside. If you want to buy sanding sugar in bulk, please contact our sanding sugar manufacturer.

Organic Sanding Sugar for Different Festivals

Edible sanding sugar are widely used in different festivals. Use these coarse sugar sprinkles to make beautiful decorative festival sweeteners that can add more color for festival. Like Christmas Day, we can mix burgundy sanding sugar and lime green sanding sugar to cater the color of Christmas. And for Halloween Day, the orange cake sugar sprinkles are very suitable.

Every kind of festive color can be realized with sanding sugar cake decorating. Yasin fine sanding sugar is so delicacy and sparkling that it can be used to add decoration and texture to desserts. 

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