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Sugar Pearl

Sugar pearls is a kind of cake sprinkles balls with different sizes, colors and surface. The real pearl looking bring amazing beautiful and elegance decorative effect. We provide edible sugar pearl sprinkles for candy, cakes and cupcakes decorating wholesale at a suitable price.

Edible Sugar Pearl Wholesale

How to Use Sugar Pearls

Sugar pearls can be used in a variety of ways to add sweetness and texture to your desserts. Here are some popular ways to use these edible pearl sprinkles:

Decorating Cakes and Cupcakes

Sugar pearls can be used to decorate cakes and cupcakes by sprinkling them on top of frosting or buttercream. The edible pearls for cupcakes add a subtle crunch and sweetness to the dessert, and can be used to create a variety of designs and patterns.

Adding Texture to Cookies and Brownies

Sugar pearl sprinkles can be mixed into cookie and brownie batter to add texture and crunch to the finished product. They can also be sprinkled on top of cookies and brownies before baking to add a decorative touch.

Enhancing the Flavor of Ice Cream and Pudding

Sugar pearls, like green pearl sprinkles, can be sprinkled on top of ice cream or pudding to add sweetness and texture. They can also be mixed into the dessert to create a fun surprise for the person eating it.

How do you decoratie pearl candy sprinkles on cookies?

Decorating your cookies doesn't get any easier! You can mix together your favorite color of pearlized sprinkles in advance. And then just add the mixed rainbow sprinkles balls on the cookie dough or cake to make it colorful and attractive. It's that easy to decorate with edible sugar beads. It only takes two steps. Come and try it!

How do you use sugar pearls for cake decorating?

Sugar pearls are a kind of small pearl candy sprinkles. Sugar pearls are one of sprinkles for cake decoration. Pearls edible sprinkles can be used in a variety of baking applications. Spread them over sweet bread, Danish pastry, ice cream even croissants! Sphere sprinkles pearls are made from sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, shortening, food-grade waxes, artificial colors.

Can you put sugar pearl sprinkles in the oven?

About pearl sprinkles, it is a series of cake sugar sprinkles, with round shape in different size choice. Our standard production sugar pearl sprinkles not allow into the oven. These pearl cupcake sprinkles and candy beads for cakes will be melt with very high temperature with bad smell. If the cake sprinkles balls have to be with oven baking, you need to change ingredient and with different production technology.

The Advantages of Sugar Pearl Sprinkles

  • Smooth Polish Surface

  • Uniform Color & size

  • Accept customized service on color, ingredient & packaging

  • GMO free, Gluten Free ingredient of rainbow ball sprinkle

  • HALAL & KOSHER Standard

  • Strict Quality Direct Production

  • Offer total solution of nonpareil sprinkles bulk

  • BRC standard production line

  • Eco-friendly environment protection

  • Organized storage

Overview of Sugar Pearl Sprinkles


Bakery Decoration Ingredients




Any color is available





Free Samples



Polished, Pearlized, Matte

Gluten Free


Regular Size


GMO Free





Artificial /Natural


Bulk packing, bottle, or customized packing


Artificial /Natural


Soy& Wheat

Shelf Life


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