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Metallic Sprinkles

We can supply a variety metal color of metallic cake sprinkles products: metal red, metal pink, metal blue, metal green, metal purple, metal gold, rose gold. The surface of the metallic sprinkles is very bright and shiny. 

Just use some metallic shiny sprinkles into your blends to make them look different, texturized and attractive! Metallic edible cake sprinkles are becoming popular nowadays.

Types of Metallic Cake Sprinkles

Custom Metallic Cake Sprinkles

Yasin provides customized and wholesale services for metallic cake sprinkles and metallic macaroni rods. Tell us your idea of the color and shape. Also you can mix these shiny sprinkles with other edible cake sprinkles to design your own multi coloured sprinkles. Contact us now!

How do you use metallic cake sprinkles?

Metallic cake sprinkles, also called metallic macaroni rods,  are new trends in recent market. The classic color is metallic silver and metallic gold. They are elegant and luxurious. Of course shiny! Shiny sprinkles such as gold round sprinkles can be used for cake decoration, cupcakes, cookies as well as ice cream! And now there are more colors are available, trying to meet the demand.

Are metallic sprinkles edible?

We've probably been through parents told us since we were a kid: "Don't eat those metallic decorations on the cake and cookies". So are metallic sprinkles edible? Non-FDA approved for eating silver and gold coloring. Therefore, we suggest these shiny sprinkles just for decoration only.

What are metallic cake sprinkles made of?

Our metallic cake sprinkles contain with dextrose, corn starch, dextrin, magnesium stearate,E174,confectioners’ glaze and carnauba wax. The sugar coating of metallic macaroni rods is non-toxic silver and gold food color for decoration only, but it is not recommended to eat.

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