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Christmas Sprinkles

Christmas sprinkles are one of the most important series inside our production line. Our Christmas sprinkles include Christmas trees, socks, bulbs, and snowman designs. Also, we accept customized shapes of edible Xmas sprinkles that you create. We can make production exactly what you need to buy different kinds of Christmas sprinkles. Decorate your cupcake or holiday sprinkle cookies with our Christmas sprinkles, and even create your own Christmas-themed sprinkles mix. 

Christmas Candy Sprinkles

Christmas Confetti Sprinkles

Christmas Sanding Sugar Sprinkles

Christmas Jimmies

Features of Bakerydeco Christmas Baking Sprinkles

Christmas decorations are inseparable from Christmas holiday sprinkles. Not only famous Christmas trees, stockings, or cane sprinkles, Yasin also develops different fashionable new designs and colors of edible Christmas sprinkles and we also can customize the design of the Christmas cookie sprinkles bulk. We can make your amazing ideas item of Christmas edible sprinkles for Christmas come true. There are no limits to sweets for your Christmas bakery with Yasin Christmas decorating sprinkles.  

Common Christmas Sprinkles Shapes

Bakerydeco Christmas sprinkles for baking can meet all your imagination about this important and traditional holiday. We prepare all kinds of Christmas sprinkles for cakes, cookies, desserts, ice cream, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, and champagne, including common Christmas light bulb sprinkles, gingerbread man cake sprinkles, tree sprinkles, holly leaf sprinkles and shiny silver and gold Christmas star sprinkles.  Are you ready?  Come to see what sprinkles of Christmas we prepare for your sweet holiday. Believe you will be interested in our Christmas-themed sprinkles!

Holiday Sprinkles
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