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    Specification of Edible Gelatin Powder

    Test Items


    Test Method

    Chemical and Physical Properties

    Jelly strength (6.67%)

    120-260 bloom

    GB 6783-2013 Appendix A. A4

    Viscosity (6.67%, 60℃), mPa.s


    GB 6783-2013 Appendix A. A5

    Moisture (105℃)

    Max 14%

    GB 5009.3



    GB 6783-2013

    Ash content

    Less 2%

    GB 5009.4 b

    pH of 6.67% Solution


    GB 6783-2013 Appendix A

    Color and Texture

    Pale yellow powders or granules

    Sulfur Dioxide


    GB 6783-2013 Appendix A

    Hyper oxide


    GB 6783-2013 Appendix A

    Insoluble Particles

    ≤0.2 mg/kg

    GB 6783-2013



    GB/T 5009.123



    GB/T 5009.11



    GB 5009.17



    GB 5009.15

    Heavy Metals (as Pb)


    GB 5009.12




    GB 4789.2



    GB 4789.3



    GB 4789.4-2016

    Staphylococcus aureus


    GB 4789.10

    Moulds and Yeasts


    GB 4789.3-2016

    Storage: Retained in a sealed container at ambient non-humid room temperature

    Advantages of Edible Gelatin Powder

    • Low bacterial count: ≤100cfu/g (international standard: ≤10000cfu/g)

    • Low chromium content: ≤ 1ppm (international standard: ≤10ppm)

    • Low ash content: ≤1% (international standard: ≤2%)

    • High transparency: ≥500mm

    • Customized viscosity: between 2.7-4.5mpa.s

    • Customized particle size: 8-40 mesh

    • Stable inner quality for finished edible gelatin powder product (one batch for one shipment, doesn't mixed with different batches)

    • Sufficient and stable supply to guarantee leading time

    Nutritional Benefits of Gelatin Powder

    One of the main nutritional benefits of gelatin powder for food is its high collagen content. Collagen is a structural protein that is found in the skin, bones, and connective tissues of animals. High purity gelatin is typically made from the collagen-rich tissues of pigs and cows.

    When consumed, the collagen in gelatin powder can provide a range of potential health benefits. For example, collagen has been linked to improved skin health, joint health, and gut health. It may also help to reduce inflammation and promote healthy aging.

    In addition to its collagen content, food gelatin powder is also a good source of protein. High purity gelatin typically contains around 85-90% protein by weight, making it a useful ingredient for increasing the protein content of food products. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who follow high-protein diets or who need to consume more protein for health reasons.

    Features of Bakerydeco Edible Gelatin Powder

    Bakerydeco is one of the most professional edible gelatin manufacturers in China, with a reputation for producing high-quality pure gelatine powder for use in food products. The company operates its own edible gelatin factory, allowing it to maintain strict quality control and ensure the purity and safety of its products.

    Bakerydeco offers a range of edible gelatin products, including high purity gelatin powder, as well as customized solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers. The company's gelatin powder is made from high-quality collagen-rich tissues, and undergoes rigorous processing and testing to ensure its purity and quality.

    As a leading edible gelatin supplier, Bakerydeco has a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service and technical support. The company works closely with its customers to understand their unique needs and provide customized solutions to help them achieve their goals.

    Whether you are a food manufacturer looking for high-quality gelatin powder for your products, or a distributor looking for a reliable supplier of edible gelatin, Bakerydeco is a trusted partner in the industry. With its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, Bakerydeco is a leader in the edible gelatin market in China and beyond.

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