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What is the Flavor of Sprinkles?

You can’t make out a distinct flavor of different colored sprinkles. The only real difference you can taste is from the jimmies sprinkles, chocolate ones, versus those that are different colors. Even with rainbow sprinkles, the different colors will taste the same. The good news is the flavor is wonderful!

There are differences in the taste, based on brand, due to the ingredients used. Be selective about what you use. You don’t want people picking the sprinkles off the desserts you make because they aren’t happy with the taste. We will cover more on what to look for so you can get a quality sprinkles product to use! 

Sweet Taste 

What comes to mind when you think about the flavor of sprinkles? Most people will say the sweet taste. They are sweet, due to the ingredients in them. The quality of the ingredients influences the overall flavor and amount of sweetness they offer. I used to think all sprinkles tasted the same. That isn’t true though, the process and the ingredients have an impact on the taste.

Some manufacturers cut corners on the quality of the ingredients they use. They are interested in reducing overhead so they can increase profits. They aren’t doing what is best for their customers. This is why they lose customers to other manufacturers who are doing what they can to offer a wonderful product at a reasonable price. Consumers can influence what a company does simply by being loyal to them when they do the right thing. 

Combination of the Ingredients 

The main ingredients found in most rainbow sprinkles are sugar, vanilla, and corn syrup. Of course, the specific recipe for the product will vary. Some of them have artificial flavors and colors added to them. Read the labels to get an idea of what the product offers. The ingredients on the label are listed in order of how much of that ingredient the product contains.

Some manufacturers share information online about their process for creating the sprinkles. They show images of the factor, their workers, and give insight into what they do to go the extra mile. They are proud of the process they have in place, and they want consumers to feel confident in buying those products. I encourage you to spend some time looking for this type of information before you buy a certain brand of sprinkles. 

Add a Crunch more than a Flavor 

Sprinkles ice cream treats is something I consume often, for a visually appealing treat. At the same time, it adds a crunch to the treat. I do this for a change in the texture more than for the flavor. We all know ice cream is already sweet, but a handful of colorful sprinkles on top makes it attractive. 

I encourage you to try it if you haven’t already! The crunch enhances the flavor your taste buds enjoy. I used to think sprinkles on ice cream were just for kids, but not anymore. It is a game changer in my home, and I always add them when I get a scoop of ice cream. 

Chocolate Sprinkles 

This crunch factor and the visual appearance are why I like the chocolate sprinkles, known as jimmies. They are brown colored, and add some flare to basic white icing. Sprinkles cupcakes with this as the topping are a huge hit for my family! They look wonderful, but they don’t take time to decorate. I often add them when I bring cupcakes to work or for a school function my children have.

Choosing the Flavors and Colors for your Project

You have unlimited possibilities when it comes to the flavors and colors for your project. Have fun deciding on the color for the icing, the shape and color of the sprinkles, and other details. When I use cake sprinkles, I often think about the holiday coming up or the season. This influences what I use to decorate the cake. I also think about the person the cake is for and the occasion.

If you know their favorite color, why not use that for the icing? This simple touch adds a personal touch to the cake you make for them. I love seeing the eyes of my friends and family when I bake like this for them. The smile on their face is worth the time and effort I put into creating it.

Since I bake so often, I buy sprinkles in bulk. I label them and keep them in air-tight containers. I can pull out a container with all the options I have for Christmas or Halloween. I can get the container that has the various seasons and items that correlate with them in it. Sometimes, it is a hard choice and I have to narrow it down!

I try to do something unique each time I make something with sprinkles. I encourage you to get outside of your comfort zone! See what you can come up with that is fun, creative, and new! Don’t do the same thing over and over again! Mix it up and see what you end up with. On the weekends, I like to make sprinkles donuts for my family.

The kids get excited when they see them! I love that we all sit around the table laughing and sharing stories while we eat them. It is much more than just baking I am doing; I am creating a time for us to bond. These memories are priceless as our household is busy, with everyone going in different directions all the time. When we can share a treat and time together, it is priceless!  

Selecting a Theme or Design 

Take your time selecting a theme or design using sprinkles. You don’t have to be an expert to make something everyone likes! One of the reasons I like sprinkles is they are easy to work with and not time-consuming. You can put them on by hand by patting them in place. You can randomly shake them out to take a plain cake or cupcake and make it amazing!

I have a variety of stencils I use, too. You just put them in place on the area where you wish to make a design from sprinkles, then remove the stencil. I have created various animal shapes, princesses, leaves, and more using this simple process. It looks professional but the cake or cupcakes are made at a fraction of the cost by doing the work yourself.

Plan ahead to ensure you have the colors of sprinkles, any stencils you need, and other items you may need on hand. Practice what you will make so you are confident when it is time to bake that you have the system down. You will improve with what your finished project looks like the more you work with sprinkles.

I save images of themes and designs I like when I see them at a bakery, in a magazine, or at an event I attend. I use them to inspire me to create something new that could be similar to what I saw. Use your talents and don’t hesitate to branch out. If you aren’t afraid to try, you will be blown away by the theme or design you complete!

Taste is Important

While you want your cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and donuts to look amazing, how they taste is important. I know many people use fondant to decorate with, but not all of it has a great taste. Thankfully, sprinkles tend to taste great. Some of the brands do offer a better taste than others. Keep this in mind when you shop for products. You don’t want to be disappointed with the flavor they deliver.

How do you narrow it down? Read reviews from other consumers. What do they recommend and why? What has a bad review from many people due to the flavor lacking or other concerns? When you see a steady them for products being a good choice, see if they meet your criteria. I recommend buying a small amount first. If you verify the taste is up to your standards, your next order can be in bulk.

Searching for a Quality Product 

Your search for great tasting sprinkles should include a top-quality product, too. Some sprinkles have colors that run because they are low quality. Sadly, this will quickly diminish the beauty of what you created. It is heartbreaking to serve a cake or cupcakes when this has happened. A tip I want to share is to add your sprinkles as late as you can. This reduces bleeding, but a quality product is your best solution.

You will pay a bit more for quality sprinkles, but the cost is worth it. Buying in bulk reduces the overall cost involved. It makes sense to pay for a product you can confidently use to create delightful treats. The taste will be great, the appearance will be wonderful, and you can proudly serve those items and not worry about anything! You can eagerly look forward to the creative process involved when you use sprinkles! 

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