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Why are Sprinkles Called Jimmies?

Many people call sprinkles Jimmies, depending on the part of the world they grew up in and what they heard around them. Regardless of what you call them, they are a wonderful way to decorate sweet treats. They are fun to work with and you can be as simple or elaborate with the decorating as you desire!

For most people, the difference between sprinkles and jimmies is the color. Many tend to think of sprinkles as being the bright, colorful ones. They can also be various shapes and themes. Jimmies are often thought to be the long, thin design that are brown in color. If you intertwine the terms, you aren’t alone. At the end of the day, call them what you want, there are more important things to dispute about!

If you aren’t familiar with the term, you may wonder why sprinkles are called jimmies? Gaining some insight about the history of sprinkles and the jimmies term can be great information. It may be information you recall as you choose items to decorate your cakes, cookies, and more! You can also share that information with others, passing along the details so they also learn about sprinkles and jimmies.

History of Jimmies Sprinkles 

The exact origin of jimmies sprinkles isn’t known, but the first documentation of them dates back to the 1930s. They were introduced then in the areas of Philadelphia, New England, and Boston. Consumers couldn’t get enough of them when they would see them on baked goods in bakery windows and on desserts at restaurants.

These chocolate sprinkles soon became a hit at the ice cream stands. Some will argue that is where they gained the most popularity! The appearance of jimmies along with the crunch they added to the ice cream was simple but also amazing! The claim to fame comes from a candy company called the Just Born Candy Company of Bethlehem. They were located in Pennsylvania. The story goes that they were created there by an employee named Jim.

The history of sprinkles or jimmies, whatever you decide to call them, continues to grow. You will see pictures all over social media of people proudly sharing cupcakes or cakes they have decorated with them. Some of the images are smiling faces of children with ice cream cones and they have sprinkles on top.

It is fascinating to see how different people in various parts of the world use jimmies. The Dutch, for example, consume them daily in the morning on a piece of bread along with a cup of tea. This is a common way for them to start their day.

They can be purchased in bulk online or in smaller quantities at local stores. There are fun themes, holiday designs, and more to pick from. They can be added to pancakes to make Sunday morning fun for the kids. The only rule is to have plenty of them on hand and to add them whenever you can to whatever you can!

What do Edible Sprinkles Taste Like?

A common question people have is what do edible sprinkles taste like? Most of them don’t taste like much of anything. They can deliver a sweetness to the tastebuds if you try a handful of them on their own. They have a great crunch to them, and that texture matches well with icing, cake, and other desserts.

While jimmies are often referred to as chocolate flavor, they don’t taste very chocolaty. When you put a handful of colored sprinkles in your mouth, they don’t taste like their different colors. They all taste the same. The flavor depends on the ingredients and recipe for that specific product. All in all, they typically taste like sugar due to the ingredients used to create them.

It is best to use edible sprinkles made from quality ingredients. Look for those that don’t rely on artificial flavors and colors as their main ingredients. Poor quality sprinkles may look the same as others but they can taste different. The biggest difference will be how well they hold up. Poor quality can cause them to bleed, ruining the decorating efforts you put in place.

Sugar Sprinkles are Easy to Use and Fun to Decorate with! 

On the subject of tasting like sugar, you can’t beat the sugar sprinkles. They are available in various colors, and they are very pretty! This product often looks like pixie dust, and you can use it sparingly or cover the entire top of a cake with it. Remember, it is almost all sugar so too much of this addition can make a treat far too sweet for the average person.

Sugar sprinkles should be added before the icing dries. This ensures they will stick in place where you placed them. If the icing is already dry, they can roll off and create a mess. If you took the time to use a stencil and create a design, you don’t want that to get ruined due to the sugar sprinkles rolling around.

Once you add the sugar sprinkles, let the product sit until it is completely dry. Don’t be in a rush to pack up cookies or cupcakes. Plan your projects accordingly so you have plenty of time, and you won’t be in a rush to get items where you need them to be at a certain time.

Don’t be nervous to get your hands dirty with sugar sprinkles either! One of the best looking cake designs is so simple. Create a round cake and put it on a turntable. After you add the icing, use the palm of your hand to pat handfuls of the sugar sprinkles all around it. Slowly turn the cake with your other hand to keep the application uniform. Use a pastry brush to sweep away any that fall off and don’t stick to the cake. 

Practice Designs with Various Tools for Applying Cake Sprinkles 

Start out with simple designs as you practice using cake sprinkles. Build your confidence by watching tutorials online, looking at images in magazines, and capturing your creative ideas on paper. You don’t have to spend lots of money to collect an assortment of tools to make applying cake sprinkles fast and simple. Yet the outcome looks professional and amazing!

Learn about the various tools and what they are used for. It may surprise you to discover the freedom you gain with your designs just by adding a handful of new tools to your arsenal. As your interest and experience grow, add more advanced tools to the mix. Continue to challenge yourself!

Practice when you make a treat for your family to enjoy. Practice when you have cookies to make for a bake sale. As your confidence grows, you can tackle harder projects. You will feel confident enough to make birthday cakes for your family and friends. If you are interested in making some extra money around the holidays, consider selling baked goods.

As people see the quality of your designs and how you creatively apply cake sprinkles, they will compliment you on the work. Some of them will ask you how you do it, and you can share tips with them about the tools you use to create certain projects. Don’t be surprised if some of them ask to bake specialty goods for them!

Sprinkles for Cakes Add a Delightful Taste and Appearance

It doesn’t matter if you create a holiday themed cake for Halloween or Christmas using sprinkles. It doesn’t matter if you take a plain white iced cake and add some chocolate jimmies to it. When you add sprinkles for cakes, it is a delightful way to alter the taste and appearance. Have fun with what you create, and let those around you enjoy it too!

You may be pressed for time, or hate to use decorating bags to make flowers and such. Sprinkles simplifies the decorating process for you, but it doesn’t shortchange the beauty of what you create. Just about everyone loves sprinkles for cakes, including children and adults. Many elderly people smile when they see such creations. It often brings back memories of when they were a child!

Now you know why sprinkles are called jimmies in some locations. You are aware of what sprinkles taste like and why it is important to shop for those made with quality ingredients. You have some excellent tips for using sugar sprinkles and how to apply them. You also have the encouragement you need to add new tools to help you make fun designs on cakes and other desserts.

Sprinkles have been around for a long time, and they are known all over the world. While they are known in different areas by different names, it all comes down to the amazing look they offer that makes them so popular. It is astonishing to know something so small can be identified in places around the globe! If you haven’t used sprinkles on a cake, cookies, or even ice cream for a while, it is time to change that!  

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