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Create Delightful Easter Treats and Desserts using Easter Sprinkles!

Easter is right around the corner, and part of the fun is creating delightful treats and desserts that go along with that theme. Pastel colors, confetti in the shape of eggs or bunny rabbits, and great tasting sprinkles for Easter can help you add a fun touch to what you serve your guests. With so many possibilities, you can let your creative side run free. Sprinkles can be used for:

· Cakes

· Cake pops

· Cookies

· Cupcakes

· Brownies

With the right supplies, it is fun to create these delicious items! They will look amazing and everyone will rave about how good they taste! Not all Easter sprinkles are the same though, the details they offer and the taste vary. It is important to buy quality products so you aren’t disappointed with the outcome. A great place to buy them is https://www.bakerydeco.com/.

Pastel colors

Easter sprinkles tend to be pastel colors, representing springtime! It is much more than that though. In a nutshell, the pastel colors are used in sprinkles for Easter because they represent rebirth. They are a symbol of joy and hope, and that is what we experience in the spring. The days get longer and warmer. The flowers start to bloom and the trees get their leaves back. It is a beautiful time of change.


Easter Theme Confetti Sprinkles

What comes to mind when you think of Easter decorating? What do you want to use in addition to those pastel colors? Easter theme confetti sprinkles are a huge hit. The two popular ones are eggs and bunnies. These are colorful sprinkles that add some zest to the season and focus specifically on the Easter holiday in a way many people celebrate it.

Easter theme confetti sprinkles are a huge hit with the children! They are excited to see the bunnies and the eggs. They associate them with this holiday. Most of them have colored Easter eggs a day or two before. They were thrilled to see what the Easter bunny brought them that morning. They will love your treats and desserts that have such sprinkles on them.



Egg Press Candy

An elegant touch for any Easter dessert is the use of egg press candy. They are shaped like eggs but they are thicker than sprinkles. They can be pressed onto the food as the name indicates, giving you a way to create lovely designs. They work well for the top of cakes or to create a border around them. They also work well on Easter cupcakes.

There are silver and gold egg press candy that can be paired with pastel icing on cakes or cupcakes. The contrast is exceptional, and people will notice what you created with them. You can also buy egg press candy in an assortment of pastel colors all mixed together. You can place them individually or sprinkle them around to create the look you want.


Sugar sprinkles

These sprinkles taste amazing, and they are very pretty! Sugar sprinkles are colored granules, and you can create thin lines with them or thick designs. They can be used with other types of sprinkles and egg press candy. Look in magazines to inspire you, copy ideas you see online, or get creative and come up with something unique.

The light and dark green sugar sprinkles are often used for Easter. They make a lovely appearance, and many people use these colors to represent grass on an Easter cake or cupcakes. They put edible bunnies on the grass along with edible eggs. It doesn’t take much time to complete the decorating but it will look like you spent hours on that project!





Easter Jimmies

The same is true of using Easter jimmies in the light or dark green colors. They work well on any type of dessert you wish to make for Easter. At https://www.bakerydeco.com/, they also offer metallic green Easter Jimmies. The pictures are impressive, but they look even better in person. They can bring a basic dessert to life right before your eyes!




Easter Cakes

I love making Easter cakes, there are so many themes you can work with. Think about the design you wish to create and what you will need to finish it. Some of those Easter cakes where you have to cut up another cake to make bunny ears are fun, but they can be tricky. It is best to practice that in the weeks before Easter. Then you can determine what worked well and what didn’t.

You won’t be stressed out trying to make an Easter cake for everyone and hoping it turns out! I like to make two-layered cakes and use Easter sprinkles on top and all around the edges. It transforms the appearance of it and incorporates the holiday into what we have for dessert.





Easter Cupcakes

I also enjoy making Easter cupcakes and often take them to church. It is easier than cake when you have lots of people to share with! The children love it when I put Easter cupcake sprinkles on them. Sometimes, I add a few jelly beans to complete it and they smile when I hand them on.



Other Treats

There are several other Easter treats you can create using sprinkles for this holiday. I have made cookies where I add icing and sprinkles on them. The sugar cookies are best for this, and I use the same recipe I use for my decorated Christmas cookies. I just change up the way I decorate them.

My children always ask for cake pops, and I try to make a few dozen for them and their cousins. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and decorative concepts to make them unique and colorful. Brownies are one of my favorite desserts, and I have found you can frost and decorate them just like you do a cake. My aunt says she doesn’t eat much food at Easter brunch because she wants to have two of the brownies I brought!





Buy in Bulk

I always buy Easter sprinkles in bulk to get the best deal on them. They cost less to buy in larger amounts. Buying online is fast, convenient, and I can get a better selection than what is offered locally. Make sure you order early so you aren’t stressed about the Easter sprinkles showing up in time for you to decorate with them.





Amazing quality and taste

Always complete research to find a great company to buy your Easter sprinkles from. The colors and selection should be amazing! You need to feel confident you get a great price on what you purchase. Read reviews from other people to ensure the colors aren’t going to run or the details on the decorations are lacking.

I always buy my Easter sprinkles and supplies from https://www.bakerydeco.com/. They have an excellent reputation, the prices are affordable, and the products taste wonderful. I know when I buy from them, I can make a variety of Easter desserts and treats I am proud to offer to my friends and family!











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