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These eggnog sprinkles funfetti doughnuts are baked with real homemade eggnog and topped with a sweet and shiny layer of eggnog—and sprinkled with sprinkles confetti if you like. If you have any leftover candy, you can get ready to make these eggnog sprinkles funfetti doughnuts to keep the festivities going the next morning. If you haven't made eggnog yet, decide if you want to add wine. It adds flavor, it adds spice. Either way, eggnog jimmies for sprinkles funfetti doughnuts will be delicious.

1. Tips for making eggnog sprinkles funfetti doughnuts

(1) Eggnog sprinkles funfetti doughnuts can be made with or without wine. As we mentioned above, you can opt-out of the wine in the homemade eggnog if you want.

(2) You can use rum or rum extract. If using rum extract, you only need to use half the amount of rum the recipe calls for.

(3) You can use store-bought sprinkles funfetti.BakeryDeco Industry is one of the leading cake sprinkles suppliers and exporters of high-quality confectionery granules such as edible cake decorating granules for baking, pastel cake granules, funfetti granules, and other related baking utensils such as cake baking supplies, tools, and accessories. We can supply you with wholesale edible cake and cupcake granules, baking accessories, pastry supplies, and baking tools.

(4) Pay attention to the time when baking eggnog sprinkles with funfetti doughnuts. For the batter and baking, only mix the batter until fully combined, and bake only until the top starts to turn golden around the edges.

(5) The batter will get a little crumbly before adding the wine, but don't despair. After adding the wine, it all mixes into a thick dough.

2. How to store eggnog sprinkles funfetti doughnuts?

You want to fill the cavity of the doughnut a little more than half full. They don't need perfect piping, we end up covering them with a glaze anyway, which hides any imperfections. But let's go a step further and add some festive multi coloured sprinkles funfetti decorations to make the doughnuts look even more delicious.

How to store eggnog sprinkles funfetti doughnuts? These eggnog sprinkles funfetti doughnuts are the best of the day. You can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for the next day, but they will add some moisture and won't look as pretty. So it's best to plan to eat them the same day they are made.

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