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This recipe doesn't need anything unusual. It's all easy! If you have some measuring cups, skillet or skillet, and some standard ingredients, you can make super fluffy, super cute pancakes from scratch with BakeryDeco edible sprinkles wholesale.

1. The recipe of funfetti sprinkles: ingredients and utensils for homemade pancakes

Here's a section explaining the ingredients and tools we'll be using in this recipe. It's all pretty basic, so if you've never made fluffy pancakes from scratch before, don't worry, the utensils are simple.

Ingredients: Flour: There are two main options here! All-purpose or wheat flour will do the trick. Eggs: Standard in many pancake recipes. Salt: Table salt works well. Oil: We recommend using vegetable or canola oil in this recipe. Sugar: Any sugar or sugar substitute should work here, more or less. We especially used white sugar. Baking Powder: This special little ingredient makes your pancakes like WOW! Buttermilk: It's best to buy your buttermilk, but if you want to make your own, we've listed a way in the FAQ section. Sugar granules: When you're done, place sugar granules on top of the batter or pancakes, it's an absolute must for cute pancakes! If you want to make some really cute looking pancakes, then it is recommended to choose our animal funfetti cake decorating sugar sprinkles, there are mermaid funfetti sprinkles, unicorn funfetti sprinkles, rabbit funfetti sprinkles and more.

Utensils: Ice Cream Scoop: Trust us, this is one of the easiest ways to pour batter. You can also use a measuring cup. Small measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixers and more: standard tools for cooking or baking the most delicious recipes. Spatula: Turning pancakes, of course. Large mixing bowl: For mixing the batter. Electric skillet or large frying pan: The easiest way to cook the best fluffy pancakes. Make sure to use nonstick cooking spray.

2. Decorate pancakes with funfetti sprinkles

In addition to decorating pancakes with animal funfetti sprinkles, you can also use primary color funfetti sprinkles, such as pink funfetti sprinkles, green funfetti sprinkles, blue funfetti sprinkles, and more. For children, we also recommend adding funfetti sprinkles of various shapes, such as bone funfetti sprinkles, watermelon funfetti sprinkles, rainbow funfetti sprinkles and so on. For other occasions, choose candy grains that correspond to the occasion too! For example, on Halloween, you can choose halloween candy sprinkles, including skull candy, tombstone candy, snowflake candy and so on. Of course, you don't have to choose the candy that suits the occasion. It is best to choose the candy you like.

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