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When you buy cakes, you often see a lot of decorations on the side, including sprinkles funfetti, edible sugar beads, etc. So how do they get sugar granules or other decorations on the side?

Ⅰ. How to scatter sprinkles funfetti on the cake side?

1. Spread cream on the side, pick up the sprinkles funfetti with a knife. Evenly and lightly sprinkle several times.

2. Catch the cake with your hand, place the sprinkles funfetti in the palm of the other hand, slightly tilt the cake, and then sprinkle several times to ensure that the sprinkles funfetti is even. Generally it is process of sprinkling things. The cake can be tilted about 60 degrees, and then the sprinkles funfetti can be evenly dispersed around the periphery. You can also use the plastic plate of the birthday cake, and glue the sprinkles funfetti on the plastic plate little by little.

3. Put on disposable gloves, then grasp the sprinkles funfetti, slowly stick them on the cake with the palm of your hand. It's much better if there is a turntable. When you turn the cake and paste the cake sprinkles and decorations, don't be impatient, you can slow down, so that the effect will be better.

Ⅱ. How do novices decorate cakes with sprinkles funfetti?

First, we need a basic cake, such as a chiffon cake with three to four layers. Take the whipped cream out of the refrigerator and use it immediately. It is not recommended to use whipping cremorning. Prepare a convenient rotating rack as the operating table, place the Chiffon movable mold on top, take a piece of cake and put it on top, and coat it with a layer of light cream. Put a layer of fruit, then spread a thin layer of light cream, repeat the cake slice, spread cream, fruit and light cream. Cover the last layer of cake. The top and sides of the cake are whipped cream. Finally, you can choose sprinkles funfetti such as valentine heart sprinkles according to your own preferences and sprinkle them evenly on the valentines cake. You can also decorate them with edible sugar beads.

When making cakes, you need to pay attention that the traditional method of making cakes is usually on the inner wall of the mold bottom. The cake side is often colored but the bottom is darker. Now you can use a circled cake. White paper replaces oiling, the cake is colorless, and the bottom layer is lighter, which can save costs, including the preservation of the cake bottom layer. When making cakes, the quality of flour directly affects the quality of the product. Another main ingredient of the cake is eggs. To be specificly is the endosperm protein, and the endosperm protein can only envelop a large amount of air when forming a high-speed whipping, forming foam and increasing the volume of the cake. So when whipping protein, it is recommended to use high speed instead of low speed.

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