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People always have an interest in colorful and shiny food. These colorful little candies and silver balls catch our eyes. If we could have a cake with cake sprinkles on our birthdays when we were kids, it would be enough to show off for several days. Do you like these small cakes when you were young? The children who used to love them have grown up. Do you know what materials are used to make these colorful shiny decorations?

1. Ingredients of coloured sprinkles

The official name of cake sprinkles is "Rainbow Chocolate Sugar Needles". Although it has the word chocolate in its name, the ingredients of sugar beads are edible starch, cocoa butter, and granulated sugar. The original color of the sugar beads is chocolate color, which is the color of cocoa butter. The reason why it can reflect colors such as red, white, blue, yellow, peach, etc. is because the surface of cake sprinkles is covered with edible pigments. In the past, these colorful little candies were very common, decorated on cakes, ice cream and other desserts. Nowadays, they are relatively rare. However, in Japan's traditional summer festivals, there is a kind of food that must use colorful sugar beads, which is chocolate bananas. Chocolate bananas are fresh bananas peeled and coated with a layer of chocolate liquid. A lot of coloured sprinkles are sprinkled on the chocolate before it solidifies. The solidified chocolate is embedded with sugar beads, and the color is bright and eye-catching, which is very popular at the festival.

2. Ingredients of edible sugar beads

Edible sugar pearls are officially called "Silver Pearl Sugar", and golden balls are called "Golden Pearl Sugar" in the same way. These beautiful sparkling little candy balls are generally used to decorate small cakes, such as cupcakes or box cakes. The surface of edible sugar pearls has a metallic luster, and you will feel the sweet outer layer of the metallic coat when you eat them. The ingredients of edible sugar beads are edible starch, edible pigments, cocoa butter, and metallic pigments are the key to silver pearl sugar.

Compared with colorful sugar beads, the taste of the two is similar, only the shape and the pigments used are different, one is made into a needle shape, and the other is made into a spherical shape. However, the production process of edible sugar pearls is more complicated than that of colorful sugar beads. Edible sugar beads need to be air-dried twice to become hard. The edible pigments used are more expensive, and edible pearl powder can also be added to present a metallic luster.

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