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Baking Measure Tools

The tools and ways you use to measure ingredients for baking can make or break a recipe simply because baking requires a little more precision and accuracy than cooking does. When it comes to baking, accuracy is everything and could mean the difference between success or failure in a recipe. So accurate measuring tools are an important and useful item of kitchen utensils. Whether you are going to bake or measure ingredients, these cake measuring cups and spoons are handy, which is very convenient. These baking measure tools can measure many kinds of food from flour to sugar, to peanut butter and more. With different sizes and varieties, our good quality baking measuring spoons and cups set are ready for whatever you need in the kitchen. These premium measuring cups and spoons for baking are durable to meet your safety standards. Using these professional measuring cups and spoons, you can experience the joy of baking, but also baking a more delicious variety of foods. We provide measuring cup and spoon set at a low price.

Specification of Baking Measure Cup & Spoon

Use: high temperature resistance; liquid and solid

Shape: spoons and cups

Color: assorted

Materials: food grade plastic or stainless steel

Size: common sizes and assorted sizes (You can customize.)

Notes: Before first and after each use, hand wash in warm, soapy water; rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth

Advantages of Baking Measure Cup & Spoon

1) Premium Material: Measuring tools are made of high quality Food-grade plastic or best quality stainless steel, and safe to directly contact food; durable to hold heat/cold material, no more worry about breaking or deformation. They are durable and attractive looking, easy to clean, and can be placed in the dishwasher safely after using.

2) Complete Measuring kit: Our measuring tools include all kinds of sizes which can satisfy most cooking&baking needs; suitable for holding flour, powder and liquid.

3) Easy grip handles: Each lightweight and heat resistant measuring tools features an ergonomic, non-slip handle for excellent control while pouring of water, cooking oil, vinegar and EVOO—all with no spills.

4) Wide Application: Our baking tools and accessories are durable for hot or cold liquids, and can store food in advance.  Suitable for measuring baking raw materials such as water, milk, eggs, flour and so on when you bake.

5) Special points: We can customize baking measure tools for you, such as unique design, great color and so on.

FAQs of Baking Measure Tools

  • Q. How to measure ingredients properly?
    A :

    1)Dry ingredients (like flour and sugar) should be measured using flat-cup measures. Ingredients should be level. ...

    2)Spoon measures must be measured with the correct sized spoons. A level spoon is essential.

    3)Liquid ingredients should be measured in jugs. Set the jug on a flat surface and check at eye level.

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