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Cake Turntable

Specialized professional quality cake turntable wholesale for professional pastry chefs and discerning home bakers alike. The advantage of having a revolving cake spinner stand is that it gives you easy access to all sides of the cake for frosting. you can be a bit casual with the frosting, or "make-do" by manually rotating a bakery turntable or cake plate spinner. 

Cake baking accessories such as aluminium cake turntable gives you easy access to all sides of the cake for frosting. Rotates 360°clockwise or anti-clockwise and make your cake looks more beautiful! We can provide aluminum cake turntable at a suitable price. Bakery turntable include cake decorating plate stand rotating, revolving turntable, turntable stand, spinner. Contact us for more information of BakeryDeco bakery turntable. You will get cheap cake decorating turntable with a satisfied mood!

Specification of Bakery Turntable

Material: Aluminum

Finish Type: Polished

Advantages of Bakery Turntable

1. Heavey-duty Cake Turntable Wholesale: The non-slip surface and rubber feet, plus the weight of the aluminum alloy, this cake making turntable very stable.

2. Rotate Smoothly: The cake decorating spinner rotates in both directions smoothly and with very little noise.

3. Safe: Stay safe while you eat, with a product that lasts. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, this baking turntable stand will last through countless events. Plus, the anti-slip surface on top makes sure the cake stays in place when you're decorating, carrying or cutting it!

4. Anti-Slip Rubber Pad: The worst way to end a party is to spill the cake on the ground! A stable 7.3-inch base of the aluminium cake turntable gives plenty of stability, while the rubber pad on the bottom prevents slippage.

Application of Bakery Turntable

Often for parties/birthdays/occasions where you want to ensure an extra-nice frosting job is done.

FAQs of Bakery Turntable

  • Q. Does this cake spinner comes in 1 piece or bottom separates from the top?
    A :

    This Aluminium Alloy Revolving Cake Stand comes in 1 piece.

  • Q. From what material are the ball bearings made?
  • Q. Can it be disassembled for storage?

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