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Ⅰ. About the cake bar with sprinkles funfetti

There's a new trend emerging in the cake world, and they're called cake bar with sprinkles funfetti. These cake-shaped chocolates with cake dough centers are perfect desserts and gifts for Valentine's Day and birthday parties and when you want to surprise someone with a homemade treat. As the trend of cake bar with sprinkles funfetti has developed and expanded, manufacturers and bakers have been creating new cake fashions that adapt to the standard. Cake bars with edible cake sprinkles funfetti are cakes made to look like popsicles. Use popsicles instead of lollipops, but all other ingredients (cake, frosting, chocolate or candy coating) are the same. If you've never made a popular cake before, try it now.

Ⅱ. The production method of cake bar with sprinkles funfetti

First, you need a mold of cake bar with sprinkles funfetti such as lovely fish sprinkles, 3 cake balls and popsicles. If you make cake bar with sprinkles funfetti, be sure to lock the molds well when using 4 buckles. Melt the brown and pink candies and place them in separate containers. Get some spoons (one for each color of chocolate). Starting with the pink candy coating, and placing a spoonful into the top half of each chamber in the mold. Then carefully apply the coating to all edges. Try to avoid getting any pink chocolate on the bottom half of the chamber.

Once the pink coating has been cooled or hardened, you should repeat with the milk chocolate and carefully cover the bottom half of each cake chamber. If you are making cake bars with sprinkles funfetti, your molds should remain open. Keep the mold closed. Chill for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove from fridge. Press a cake ball into each chamber of the mold. If you are making cake bars with sprinkles funfetti, carefully insert the stick of popsicle into each piece of pressed cake dough, guided by the rectangular chamber. If you dip the top of the bar into the melted chocolate first, it should help to "stick" the bar to the cake.

The final thing is to decorate the cupcakes with coloured sprinkles for cakes. You can also add some hearts or other shapes of sprinkles funfetti. If sprinkles funfetti are added, tiny heart-shaped sprinkles funfetti should be added before the chocolate is cooled. According to the temperature of your workspace, you may need to pipe one line at a time, sprinkle, and move on to the next line. When you're done, you'll have a lovely cake-shaped snack which is almost too beautiful to eat! Try combinations of different color and using other shapes and styles of sprinkles funfetti. Wrapped in a glass paper with a few matching sprinkles funfetti inside, the exquisite cake bars with sprinkles funfetti are finished.

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