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1. What are the edible sugar beads on the cake?

The metallic shiny beads on the cake are actually a kind of candy, which is a kind of edible sugar beads. Choose golden sugar beads, silver sugar beads or other colored sugar beads according to the color of the cake. Edible sugar beads are mainly used for pastry decoration or snack candy. Edible sugar beads are mainly white granulated sugar. After coating, polishing, and making edible candies as bright as silver beads, they can be found in western food or baking raw material stores and high-end confectionary stores. Edible sugar beads are generally sugar spinkles used to decorate cakes. The golden ones are called golden sugar beads, and the silver ones are called silver sugar beads, which are edible. The outside color is done with starch and food coloring. The small strips should be shredded coconut, which is the meat inside the coconut. It's also edible, don't worry, everything on the cake is edible.

2. How to make edible sugar beads?

So how are the edible sugar bead decorations for these cakes made? Prepare a piece of fondant paste or edible starch plus a little Taylor powder, or other edible thickeners to make the dough hard and easier to shape. Press the hardened dough into thin slices with a rolling pin. If you have a special machine for making noodles at home, the machine for the slices is better, and the dough is pressed thinner. The dough made with a rolling pin will be uneven in thickness.

Use a mold to divide the dough into small sugar pieces of the same size, and quickly knead them into round balls with your hands. This step should be fast, because the sugar pieces will dry out quickly and become difficult to knead. After the kneaded sugar beads are air-dried, put them in a container, add a little edible pearl powder, let the surface of the edible sugar beads be covered with edible pearl powder, and then wait for the edible sugar beads to dry and harden again. After adding edible coloring to the dough, edible sugar beads of other colors can also be made. Those made with silver pigment are our common silver bead sugar.

Generally, the edible sugar beads and colorful chocolate candy needles sold in the market are mass-produced by machines, and the price is cheap, but eating them often is definitely not good for your health, because the cocoa butter added may make you fat. If you make your own at home, you don't need to add cocoa butter. It's a good choice to use fondant paste to make it. After making it, it's very attractive to decorate edible sugar beads on cakes, ice cream or fruit salad.

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