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To make a birthday cake, whipped cream, sugar, eggs, etc. are needed. These materials are the basis for making a cake. Nowadayswe pay more and more attention to cake appearance. The appearance of food is very important. Before eating it in your mouth, beautiful food can arouse your appetite, which can be beautiful to feast your eyes. So the cake now has more and more cake sprinkles and decorationsdecorations to meet the needs of all age group and every group.

Ⅰ. Small decoration on the cake: edible silver nonpareil

Those game players like chicken cake, airdrop package cake, Tetris cake, King Glory cake, etc. Children's favorite are carousel cake, piggy page cake, bear haunt cake, etc. Funny people like spoof balloon cakes, big box cakes, instant noodle cakes, etc. Birthday cakes, birthday peach cakes, crane cakes, etc.  are suitable for the elderly. Girls like crown cakes, flamingo cakes, macaron cakes, etc. In addition to the large decorations on the cake, some small decorations are needed, such as edible silver nonpareil or golden sugar beads, and some sugar granules of various colors. Many people will wonder if they see these small decorations edible. When I was young, and I picked up this kind of decoration on the cake silently, for fear of eating it. Until now, many people have asked, what are these beautiful little decorations on birthday cakes, and are they edible?

Ⅱ. Can the silver nonpareil be eaten?

In fact, if you know something about baking, you will find that this is a kind of candy called silver nonpareil, which is edible. Silver nonpareil is mainly white granulated sugar, which is topped and polished to produce edible candy that is as bright as silver beads. There is also a golden type. They are all sugar particles for decoration. The golden ones are called golden sugar beads and the silver ones are called silver nonpareil. They are edible. The outer color is made of starch and food coloring addictive. The small strips are shredded coconut produced by the reliable cake sprinkles manufacturer, which is the edible coconut flesh. You can eat everything that placed on the cake. Moreover, the silver nonpareil is quite delicious, with several flavors such as chocolate, mint, and original flavor. I silently feel sorry for the silver nonpareil I dropped before. There are also crunchy white flecks, which are shredded coconut made with coconut flesh, but nowadays cakes are rarely used. In the past, although the shape of the cake was small, the decoration on it was edible. Now everyone pays more attention to the appearance of the food.

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