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Making Peanut Butter and Jelly Parfaits is a mix of granola, peanut butter, and candied yogurt, and you can make this easy and delicious little recipe for any occasion. The word parfait sounds fancy, but it's just a dessert-like snack composed of layered yogurt and fruit with cake decorating sugar sprinkles. While yogurt parfaits are enjoyed by people of all ages, yogurt parfaits are also a family favorite. Kids also love parfaits because they're sweet and savory, easy to customize, delicious, and feel like dessert. Let's take a look at the peanut butter and jelly parfait recipe from the Funfetti sprinkle recipe.

1. Granulated sugar recipe: preparing the peanut butter and jelly parfait recipe

Like many of our other recipes, there's nothing special about this treat! Sometimes it doesn't take anything special to create something truly unique.

Ingredients: Strawberry Candied Fruit: Or any other flavored candied fruit you like! This is of course the "jelly" in the recipe. Peanut butter or almond butter: Another very important part of this delicious parfait. Vanilla yogurt: You can use any kind of yogurt in this recipe, whether it's Greek, dairy-free, etc. Get your favorites off the shelf! Granola: Add a wonderful crunch to your parfaits. Funfetti multi coloured sprinkles: Place on the parfait. In this post, we're making some delightful child-inspired parfaits, so we suggest picking up some kid-themed candies.

Utensils: glass or jar: for parfait of course! Resealable Bags: Optional, but easier to add yogurt to your parfait cups. Spoon: Another optional tool in case you need to measure how much granola you or your kids want in a recipe.

2. Granulated sugar recipe: peanut butter and jelly yogurt parfait: FAQs

What is the prep time for this recipe? About 10 minutes. It's super fast and a great treat before school or work. Should I use homemade granola or can I buy it? Either way it's good and tastes great! We know that homemade granola isn't always fast enough for those of us with busy schedules. When choosing candies, you can choose some candies that are more attractive to children, such as bone candy sprinkles, star candies, rabbit candies, and truck candies. These funny shaped candies must attract your kids with full of joy!

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