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Are you looking for funny and easy desserts? These super easy pastel sprinkles for cakes will be your favorite dessert decoration on dessert. Summer is coming, and that means spending as much time with the kids as possible. Between spending time outdoors, enjoying the weather, and taking a trip to the park, would be amazing. But since summer can get so busy, it can sometimes be difficult to make special treats for kids. Pastel sprinkles for cakes can make a dessert even more special, whether it's for a party or just an afternoon snack for the kids.

Pastel Sprinkles for Cakes

1. Pastel sprinkles for cakes + wafer sandwich cookies

If you've always loved wafer cookies, make wafer sandwich cookies. They can be boosted further by adding ice cream and pastel metallic sprinkles edible for cakes on top of them. All you have to do is add your favorite ice cream in it to make sandwich cookies. Spread it out with a knife, push the cookie down, and dip the sides in the cake icing. It is so fun and so easy.

2. Pastel sprinkles for cakes + sliced apple dessert

Apples are the most common fruit in our lives, so the ingredients for this dessert are simple and perfect. All you have to do is slice an apple and drizzle it with melted chocolate and peanut butter. Then, sprinkle with sugar sprinkles for cake decorating and you're done. We eat these for dessert all the time or even as a simple afternoon snack. If you find it interesting, try it out.

3. Pastel sprinkles for cakes + ice cream sandwich

Since it's summer, many people are probably new favorite food at home is a chocolate ice cream sandwich. Then add pastel sprinkles for cakes on top of the ice cream sandwiches to make them more colorful and look like they came from an ice cream truck. Kids want ice cream sandwiches like this all the time, and all you need to do is grab a store-bought ice cream sandwich, open the package, and dip each side of the ice cream in your favorite cake nibs.

Everyone's going to love these simple store-bought desserts that use colourful cake sprinkles for cakes to elevate their look in such an easy way. Making desserts should never be difficult or stressful, so it's always good to have some easy recipes on hand, especially if the kids want to help. So what's your favorite way to decorate simple desserts?

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