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As Easter is coming very soon, on behalf of the Bakerydeco team, we wish all of you a happy Easter day, May this day be as a special and beautiful day for that full of hope, love, and joy.

Easter is a conception as a holy celebration in the second century and actually, Easter is a pagan festive originally. People celebrate Easter for the resurrection of their ancestors and the return of spring. On the first Sunday following the vernal equinox every year, western countries celebrate Easter. In honor of the day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion, Christians think that resurrection represents renewal and hope.

This holiday is second only to Christmas in popularity among most Europeans and Americans, and like Christmas, it is observed widely by those who are not Christians.

The bunny is the emblem of Easter, and because of its prodigious capacity for procreation, people believe it to be the source of all new life. Adults typically take the shape of hares on Easter Sunday and present youngsters with presents like eggs. Consuming Easter eggs is the most significant Easter activity. The Easter egg is viewed by Christians as a metaphor for the start of a new life, representing Jesus' ascension from the grave and exit from the stone tomb. Easter eggs are typically concealed in advance, after which the kids go in search of them. Numerous locations also host various types of egg-rolling competitions during Easter. Lilies are another symbol of Easter, representing holiness and purity. People like to represent the holiness of Jesus Christ with the lily which blooms in spring.

Bakerydeco as a professional sprinkle supplier in China exports a lot of cake decoration sprinkles to American and European countries. So Easter series is one of our very important holiday sprinkles. We have vivid-shaped candies like bunnies, Easter eggs, carrots, chicken, daffodils,s, and amazing Easter sprinkle mix, to help everyone can make their special and unique Easter cakes and dessert. Would like to know details, please click here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/olunna-bakerydeco_bakerydeco-easter-sprinkle-activity-7050038750160048128-rtQI?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

This coming Easter holiday, we also would like to express our great appreciation for all the sprinkle brands and sprinkle distributors’ continuous support for Bakerydeco. We will keep developing more creative sprinkle products to bring sweetness to each holiday. Enjoy a happy Easter!

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