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Dehydrated marshmallows are fun to eat or add to a hot drink. They are also called mallow nuggets, and they look amazing. My grandma used to have them for us at her house for a treat. They are a must for my family when it is cold out and we enjoy hot chocolate. They are tasty and I often add them to other ingredients for a snack when we are on a road trip. There are plenty of wonderful benefits with dehydrated marshmallows, and that is why I keep plenty of them handy at home!

You may hear them referred to as dried marshmallows, but they are the same thing. The dehydration process involves drying them out. At least 90% to 95% of the moisture has been removed, it can vary based on the specific product. This is what gives them the unique and appealing texture so many of us enjoy.

You will find different types and styles of dehydrated marshmallows. The ones that have been around since I was a kid are the white ones that are small, round balls. There are bigger ones too though that are perfect for roasting around a campfire or making smores. We have done that a few times in the backyard when the kids have sleepovers, and it is a huge hit! They are filled with dehydrated marshmallows now, and the ones with chocolate in the middle are amazing!

There are colored dehydrated marshmallows, and I use those for decorating around the holidays. They are a fun addition to Easter desserts. I use them all year long though to make a tasty fruit salad. I mix canned drained fruit with colored dehydrated marshmallows and whipped cream. It is easy and my family loves it for an easy dessert.

Since I used dehydrated marshmallows often, I have plenty of benefits with them to share with you. I hope you will continue to read so you can get ideas for your family or for your baking adventures. Such benefits include:

·       They can be stored for a long time

·       Easy to add to recipes

·       Eat them as a snack

·       Enhance flavor

·       Choose the size and color you want

·       The best products



I buy large quantities of dehydrated marshmallows because they are a common staple in our home. I use them to bake with or create easy recipes from. My kids will grab a handful as a snack. Sometimes, I do that too when I want something sweet. I few of these delicious marshmallows take care of my sweet tooth quickly. I save money when I buy larger bags too.

It is important to seal up dehydrated marshmallows after you open the bag though. Otherwise, they dry out and get hard. You will have to toss them out if that happens. I place them in an air-tight container after I open them. They can be stored up to nine months after you open them, so don’t worry if you don’t go through them as quickly as we do in our household! Dehydrated marshmallows bulk purchases are the only way we roll in our home! It saves money and we never run out!  Keep them stored out of direct sunlight and away from humidity.

Add to Recipes

There are tons of recipes you can add dehydrated marshmallows to. In addition to the fruit salad I shared above, adding them to baked yams is something my family loves. I always make them for the holidays, but my husband often asks for them when we have a Sunday dinner or company over to dine with us. He really loves them, and I often wonder if it is the yams he likes or the dehydrated marshmallows melted on them! He insists is the combination of both!

You can create your own recipes with dehydrated marshmallows, use the ones I shared, or find others online. My kids enjoy baking with me, and I try to find recipes they can create too. We often make our own parfaits with pudding and other ingredients. I always put dehydrated marshmallows on the table for them to pick from. Rarely do they choose not to include them in what they make.

I love to eat brownies, and one of my favorite recipes is to top them with small, white dehydrated marshmallows. Next, I drizzle chocolate syrup over them. I often serve these when I invite someone over for coffee or when it is my turn to host book club. They are simple to make, but adding the marshmallows and the chocolate syrup turns an ordinary brownie into something spectacular!


Eat as a Snack

Eating dehydrated marshmallows as a snack is a fun way to enjoy a road trip, watch a movie, or keep the kids entertained. I often mix them with nuts, pretzels, and dried fruit. You can pair them with anything you like. I enjoy them with something that adds crunch and that is why pretzels are what I often add in small bags along with the dehydrated marshmallows.

The marshmallows are sweet and fruity, and they have less sugar than many other snack ideas. There are often young children at the kid’s sports events we attend, and I ask their parents if they can have a few of the dehydrated marshmallows. They are small enough and soft enough that I don’t have to worry they can’t chew them.


Enhance Flavor

In addition to enhancing the flavor of items you make with dehydrated marshmallows; they also enhance the appearance. I have decorated cakes by adding dehydrated marshmallows around the bottom and on the top. It didn’t take long, it was inexpensive, and the kids loved it! You can add them to any recipe for food or dessert that your heart desires.

The colors add flavor and they add a unique appearance to any food or dessert you create with them. You can use a few to garnish it or you can load it up with them. My children are very creative when it comes to adding dehydrated marshmallows to common food items consumed in most households.

This includes Jello and pudding; they find them to be boring without some dehydrated marshmallows mixed in. My husband is often found in the kitchen late at night adding them to ice cream. He usually has a big smile on his face while eating it too!

My family also eats lots of cereal with dehydrated marshmallows added to them. I have to admit, I have used this combination as a way to get everyone moving in the mornings. If they get up in time and get dressed, they have time to eat the cereal with dehydrated marshmallows before it is time for us to head out the door. If they drag their feet, they have to eat a piece of fruit or a granola bar in the car instead.


Choose your Size and Color

There are a variety of sizes and colors of dehydrated marshmallows to choose from. It all depends on what you prefer and how you plan to use them the most. I prefer the smaller ones to put into hot chocolate. Larger ones are perfect for snacking. In our home, you will find several sizes and colors of them ready to eat or decorate with. I encourage you to get creative and try new ideas with the sizes and colors of dehydrated marshmallows you find.


The Best Products

Look for a dehydrated marshmallow manufacturer with an exceptional background. It may seem like all of these products are the same, but that isn’t true. The quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing process influence how they look and how they taste. You don’t want to settle for a product that doesn’t blow you away!

Read labels carefully because not all products are the same, but may look similar. For example, you may be interested in freeze-dried marshmallow products. The marshmallows you find may be dry, but not necessarily dehydrated or freeze-dried. It can be disappointing when you buy them and discover they weren’t what you thought you were purchasing.

Read labels and get informed, as this will help you narrow down your options. Read reviews about dehydrated marshmallows. Which manufacturers have excellent reviews? Which have poor reviews? These details can steer you in the right direction, away from cheaply made products. Compare prices too because some of them are overpriced. It doesn’t make sense to pay that high price when you can get a similar product for much less. As I mentioned above, look into buying dehydrated marshmallows in bulk if you plan to consume them often!


Dehydrated marshmallows are inexpensive and they last a long time. They can be eaten on their own, added to drinks, or added to food you create. They are easy to work with and a fun addition. They don’t cost much and there is plenty of variety to choose from. If you aren’t adding dehydrated marshmallows to your list of items at home, you and your family are missing out!



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