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Sprinkles are known by many different names including colorful balls, thousands-and-thousands, jimmies, and more! No matter what you call them, they are mainly made from sugar. The amount of sugar depends on the specific product. Many people wonder if sprinkles dissolve in water, and the answer to that is yes.

However, numerous variables influence how this occurs and how long it takes. It can be fun to experiment with different types of sprinkles and see what results you get when you put them into water. As a precaution, when baked goods sweat due to the humidity, heat, or even the refrigerator, it can sometimes mimic this dissolution process due to the water content.

This is why I don’t recommend adding sprinkles until the last minute. I often make cakes and cupcakes the day before I need them. I put the sprinkles on a few hours before I plan to have company over and serve it. If I am taking the baked goods somewhere, I add them right before I get ready to leave my house with them.

If you are interested in learning about the process for sprinkles to dissolve in water, you are in the right place. Continue to read as I have the details to share with you here! This includes:

· Why do they dissolve in water?

· Loss of color

· Water gets cloudy

· How long does it take for them to dissolve?

· Proper storage for sprinkles to avoid dissolving

· How to prevent bleeding colors

· Tips to purchase quality sprinkles

Why do Sprinkles Dissolve in Water?

Sprinkles dissolve in water due to the sugar they contain. While the specific ingredients in such products vary, they are mainly sugar. Those made with sugar and cornstarch are going to dissolve the quickest in water. Certain flavorings that may be added to certain brands of sprinkles can cause them to dissolve at a slower rate.

The coloring and flavoring used is soluble though and it will eventually dissolve when placed in water. The sprinkles should always be food-safe and not a hazard for consumption. If you come across any sprinkles that don’t dissolve in water, that is a red flag something is amiss with the product. I haven’t seen that happen though, and you shouldn’t either!


Loss of Color

As an experiment, place some sprinkles into the water and see for yourself what happens. Keep an eye on them though because before they dissolve the product will go through several stages. First, the sprinkles will lose their color. There is actually a color coating over the molded sprinkle, and that is what is being extracted when they are exposed to water. It is interesting to watch all of those colors that blended together so nicely disappear before your eyes.

Water Gets Cloudy

The water will become cloudy due to the sugar and other ingredients found in sprinkles. It is going to take the clear water you started with and turn it cloudy. Many people are fascinated by this, as they thought the water would turn colorful from the color being removed from the sprinkles. It doesn’t work that way though!


How Long Does It Take for Sprinkles to Dissolve?

The amount of time it takes for sprinkles to dissolve depends on the various ingredients in that specific product. The temperature of the water influences the outcome too. If the water is cold, it will take longer for the sprinkles to dissolve. If it is room temperature it will take less time than in the cold water. If the water is hot or boiling, it will take significantly less time for the sprinkles to dissolve in it.

The quality of sprinkles can influence how long it takes for them to dissolve. Products made from sugar and cornstarch are going to dissolve the fastest. These tend to be the two top ingredients found in quality sprinkle products. It can be fun to experiment and see how long it takes different brands of sprinkles to dissolve in the same temperature of water.


Proper Storage for Sprinkles to Avoid them Dissolving

All of this is scientific and interesting, but what purpose does it serve? It is a reminder that it is important to properly store sprinkles. This prevents them from dissolving because they were exposed to moisture or water. Put the sprinkles in an airtight container with a lid. Store them in a dark area without humidity. If you live in a humid region, place a dehumidifier in the area where you keep your sprinkles.


How to Prevent Bleeding Colors

Poor-quality sprinkles will bleed colors faster than quality products. However, they can all bleed under the right conditions. To prevent this, make sure your baked goods aren’t in a humid area. Condensation and humidity in the air can cause them to bleed, making your design unsightly instead of beautiful.

Something I learned the hard way is some icings, frostings, and even whipped cream contain a large amount of water in them. When you add sprinkles, they can start to dissolve into those ingredients. I was horrified the first time this happened and I was hosting a dinner party! That is when I learned that the earlier you add sprinkles to baked goods the more likely it is that you will have problems with dissolving, cloudy appearance, or the colors bleeding.

Avoid adding sprinkles to your baked goods too early. While you can prepare cakes, cupcakes, and cookies days in advance, don’t put the sprinkles on then. Wait until the last minute to complete this part of the process. I add mine right before I bring out dessert or just a few minutes before I need to load those items up and put them into my car.

On hot, humid days, I sometimes transport the baked goods without the sprinkles. I take them with me and add them when I get to the final destination. For example, if I bake cupcakes for my child’s classroom, I will deliver them to the school during recess. The teacher is fine with me coming in and spending a few minutes to add the sprinkles. I then help her place a cupcake on each of the desks for the students to enjoy when they come in from the playground.


Tips to Purchase Quality Sprinkles

Another takeaway from this type of experimentation is purchasing quality sprinkles. A common mistake is buying the most expensive ones and thinking they have to be better than the rest! On the flip side, don’t cut corners and get the cheaply made ones to save a bit of money. In the end, they don’t look great and they are prone to bleeding. They can be messy and you won’t like the way your baked goods appear because of this mistake.

I encourage you to take time to try different products and see what works well in your climate. Of course, you shouldn’t buy them randomly and hope for the best. Conduct some research to see what other consumers like or dislike. What are their reasons for being loyal to a specific brand of sprinkles or never buying a particular brand again? There is plenty of value to gain from such information.

It took me time to find the best sprinkle brand for my preferences and my climate. I love that they are reasonably priced and I can buy them in bulk. I enjoy the variety of colors, themes, and designs available too. I like to select sprinkles based on the seasons and the upcoming holidays. I like to mix it up with bold colors in the summer and pastels in the spring.

Each sprinkle manufacturer has their specific ingredients, processing, and quality control in place for the product. Some of them use high-quality ingredients, the best practices, and carefully test batches. They have a great brand and they want consumers to continue buying from them. The setup in any sprinkles factory will be similar, but it is the attention to the small details that can set them apart from each other.

You will pay a bit more for quality sprinkles, but they are worth it. When you buy sprinkles wholesale, you can save money. Plus, you will have lots of them on hand any time you are ready to make baked goods with them. Sprinkles are fun to use, and easy to use, and they enhance the look of what you create! Get a terrific deal on a quality product and keep it properly stored until you are ready to create something with those sprinkles.

Sprinkles do dissolve in water, how quickly depends on the temperature of the water and the quality of the sprinkles. The amount of sugar they contain is also a variable. Understanding what happens and how they are affected by water can help you be mindful about buying quality jimmies and waiting to apply them until you are ready to eat or transport your baked goods. Learning how to properly store them and how to find quality sprinkles will help you get the results you love!

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