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If you often use recipes that call for gelatin, it is time to get on board with gelatin sheets! They are simple to use and will save you time. They are simmer to granular gelatin, but not the same thing. Don’t worry, I will explain those differences in just a bit! I found powder products difficult to work with, and I was interested in something better as an alternative.

I love the thin sheets, called leaves. They are easy to work with and the outcome is amazing. There are also halal gelatin sheets. Any recipe you have that requires gelatin will be possible with this change. It speeds up the time I spend preparing items and they come out amazing. They look and taste great!

I would like to point out these products aren’t all the same. I purchased some cheaply made gelatin sheets and wasn’t fond of them. They didn’t work like they should have. I didn’t give up though, I searched for a better gelatin sheet supplier. I read feedback online from other customers and evaluated the pros and cons they shared of specific products.

This took the guesswork out of the process for me. I am glad I didn’t give up after that first failure when I purchased the cheaply made gelatin sheets. Today, I rely on those from a quality gelatin leaf manufacturer. They are easy to work with and affordable, and I will never go back to using powder gelatin again!

There is plenty of great information on this topic I want to share with you. Continue reading to learn more about:

· The differences between gelatin sheets and granular gelatin

· Why are gelatin sheets easier to work with than powder products?

· Dissolving gelatin sheets

· Halal gelatin sheets

· Common uses for Gelatin Sheets

What are the Differences Between Gelatin Sheets and Granular Gelatin?

There are differences between gelatin sheets and granular gelatin. With a sheet, the gelatin is dry and flat. It is one piece rather than individual granules. The finished product is clearer than with granular gelatin. The granular form has been dried and it is sold as a powder.

It can be tricky to get the granular gelatin the way you want it when you mix it with liquid. The temperature of the liquid, the amount of it, and the heat you use to mix it can all vary. This makes it a challenge. At times, I had to add more gelatin or add more liquid. In other scenarios, I had to toss it all out and start over again. I don’t have those issues now that I only use gelatin sheets.

Some products have a gelatin strength on them, and that is only something to pay attention to if the recipe mentions it. Otherwise, the product may not be adequate for the consistency required in that recipe. You want the finished product to be firm, not stiff, and not still soft.

The quality of granular gelatin and gelatin sheets influences how well your product turns out. Always evaluate the manufacturer and stick with a product that has a great reputation. You don’t have to buy the most expensive gelatin sheets to get results.

Substituting granular gelatin for gelatin sheets is a simple change, and it will save you time. However, you have to be aware of their equivalency to get the conversion right. One tablespoon of powder is equal to 4 gelatin sheets. Be mindful that some items are sold in half sheets rather than whole ones when you convert!

I usually start with this for a recipe, but am known to modify things to my liking! There are some recipes where I will add an extra full or half gelatin sheet the next time I make it. I write notes on the recipe so I remember my formula for the next time I make it. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments!


Why are Gelatin Sheets Easier to Work with than Powder Products?

Gelatin sheets are often called leaf sheets, but they are the same thing. They are easier to work with than powder products. You don’t have to mess with mixing them and getting the consistency right. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up powder from your countertops. The clear consistency instead of a cloudy one is something I value with gelatin sheets instead of powder products.

The flavor also tends to be better with gelatin sheets. I didn’t think there would be a difference, but I did notice an improvement in my recipes. They tasted great when I used the powder products, but the gelatin sheets improved the taste. It was a great benefit since the switch also saved me time and cleaned up with easier. The better flavor was a great bonus in all that too.


Tips for Dissolving Gelatin Sheets

Properly dissolving gelatin sheets is going to help you achieve your desired results. Each product will have directions with it you can follow. However, you may find these proven tips to guide and assist you. There may be adjustments you have to make to get your desired consistency. Don’t hesitate to play around with it and see what works best for you.

Place the gelatin leaves or sheets in a bowl of cold water for 5 to 10 minutes. I start with the lower amount of time and check them every minute after that until they are ready or I hit that 10-minute mark. They should be soft when you remove them from the cold water. Squeeze the extra water out of them and set on a towel on the counter. Lay them side by side, don’t stack them.

This soaking process in cold water is essential or you will ruin your gelatin sheets. If you rush to just put them in the hot liquid, you will end up with lumps. You need the gelatin to dissolve evenly. That will happen if you do the cold water bath as I call it before you dive into the dissolving process.

Heat the liquid you wish to use to dissolve the gelatin sheets. Some of my recipes require me to use milk or a certain type of juice. Other recipes I have experimented with and I decide what I will use as the liquid. There are many options so play around with it and decide what you want to flavor your product.

You want to slowly warm it up and add the gelatin sheets when the water is warm to the touch. It shouldn’t be boiling but it shouldn’t still be cold either. It will take 5 to 10 minutes for the gelatin sheets to completely dissolve. Stir the mixture occasionally. Make sure you reach the bottom of the pot and the sides too. I use a fork to whisk the melting gelatin together while it is on the heat. I find this helps it dissolve evenly and I don’t have any pieces left that didn’t get broken up.


Halal Gelatin Sheets

I often use halal gelatin sheets when I make goods for others. They are free from fats and carbs. It is all protein, and free from allergens. I have family members with certain allergies and I can make food for them using the halal gelatin sheets. They are also easy to digest, so they are a good choice for anyone with digestive concerns.

I encourage you to read the labels for halal gelatin sheets, especially if you are buying them for religious reasons. Make sure the package says they are 100% made from bovine sources only. That is the only way these products meet halal and kosher guidelines.



Common Uses for Gelatin Sheets

I create many more desserts and snack treats now than I did before I found gelatin sheets. I make them for my family and friends, and when we go to a gathering I need to bring something. I love making low-calorie dishes and desserts using gelatin sheets. They look and taste amazing, yet we don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying them.

I use them to make different flavors of jelly, my famous mousse, and recipes I find online or in magazines. Gelatin is good for the hair and skin. It is filled with amino acids our bodies benefit from. It feels good to cook with something like this that also promotes good health. I enjoy trying new recipes too, and if they use gelatin in them, I immediately add it to my list of them to try. I have plenty of family meals and social gatherings where I can present these new items for all to enjoy.


Gelatin sheets are a wonderful solution for any type of recipe that requires gelatin. They are easy to use, easy to clean up from, and they offer a clear look. They improve the taste of recipes and it is easy to determine how much to use. Follow the best tips for dissolving gelatin sheets so they are smooth and free from lumps. Halal gelatin sheets are a good idea too for anyone with allergens or religious beliefs. I have completed many wonderful recipes with the use of gelatin sheets, and you can too!

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