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I have so much fun with fondant! As I expanded my tool collection, I learned to do more and more with it! I was intimidated at first, but then I found an excellent fondant company offering it in bulk. This reduced the cost for me, and I was easily able to store it until I used it. Quality fondant is the key to creating amazing cakes, cupcakes, and decorations.

I encourage you to get baking tools to make working with fondant fun and efficient. It is frustrating when your fondant doesn’t roll properly or it tears. It is boring when you are limited in what you can use it for. Believe me, with a variety of tools, you can let your imagination go wild! You can create amazing designs and have a blast working with fondant.

With one-stop buying bakery tools, you can quickly customize your tool set for fondant work. I keep them all in the same storage container so nothing gets misplaced. After I wash them, they go back into that container until I am ready to work with fondant again. You don’t have to spend tons of money on these bakery tools but look for quality items designed to last. I use mine often, and love how my cakes, cupcakes, and designs look!

I hope you will continue to read this and learn about the different fondant tools I recommend. I will share the names of them and what you can do with them. They include:

· Cake scrapers and smoothers

· Carving tools

· Crimper

· Fondant cutter

· Imprint mats

· Palette knives

· Thin plastic rolling pins

Cake Scrapers and Smoothers

A set of cake scrapers will help you with your fondant work. It helps you get a professional appearance around the edges of your round cakes. They can also be used to create patterns in the fondant. I use the scraper with a blade on it to cut the fondant so the line is even and straight.

The smoothers have a flat bottom, and I use that on the top of my cake. It helps the fondant to look uniform and smooth. This is much easier than taking the fondant off the cake, rolling it again, and trying to get it on there prefect. The smoothers are a great tool and will save you time while giving you exceptional results.


Carving Tools

I love my carving tools; I got a complete set. My first set had 8 items, the last one I got had 30. The more I work with fondant, the more diversity I want to have at my fingertips. I started experimenting with the various carving tools. Certain ones quickly became popular for me to work with.

Others I only use occasionally, but each of them offers a new concept for me to incorporate when I work with fondant. I love the diversity they offer and sometimes, I even surprise myself with the final designs I create using these carving tools.

These carving tools have different designs on both sides of them. I like that because if one side gets full of fondant, I can just flip it over and keep working. They are easy to clean too. I encourage you to give each of the carving tools in your set a try. It is fun to see how they can all create something different!



Every time I dress up a cake with my fondant crimper tool, people rave about it! This is my hidden gem of tools because it can make a cake go from simple to elaborate without difficulty. It looks like I spent hours on this part of the decorating. I thank people for the compliments, but keep it to myself I completed that part of the cake in very little time!

A crimper is easy to work with, but it takes a bit of time to master it. Don’t get frustrated, spend some time practicing with fondant. Then you can confidently use it when you decorate a cake. The more you use the crimper, the easier it gets. Don’t apply too much pressure when you apply the crimper to the side of the cake.

Pinch the crimper together, release it, and gently pull it away from the fondant. The crimper I have is adjustable, and I recommend that type. This allows you to create several different designs with one tool. Otherwise, you have to buy several different crimpers. It is always best to use a crimper on freshly rolled and applied fondant. If it starts to harden, the design isn’t going to come out right.


Fondant Cutter

A fondant cutter looks very similar to a pizza cutter. It has a handle and a round wheel. It is a great tool to use when you want to cut out designs. It stays on the lines for a crisp cut. It looks professional when you cut this way rather than using your hands to trim away the excess fondant. It doesn’t take long to do it with the fondant cutter, but the difference in appearance is remarkable.

I have another one too, a fondant ribbon cutter! If you ever wonder how people make lovely ribbons for cakes, that is the tool they reach for! The one I have has multiple attachments. You can change them to alter the size and design of the ribbon.


Imprint Mats

I have many imprint mats made from silicone. They are perfect for creating the same design over and over again. You can do it in long rows in the mats, and cut them to fit the size you need with your fondant cutter. They save me tons of time and help me create lovely cakes and cupcakes. Make sure you get all of the fondants out of the crevices on the imprint mats when you wash them. Those made from silicone clean up very easily. I have used some made from plastic and they were much harder to clean and work with. The silicone is flexible, so it is easy to get the finished design out of the mats.

Take your time with that part of the process, you don’t want the fondant to break or crack when you remove it from the mat. If that happens, don’t worry. Just roll the fondant again and make the design on the mat again. You will quickly learn the amount of pressure to use for results without damaging the fondant.


Palette Knives

I have a set of palette knives; they are all different widths. They help me successfully place fondant designs on my cakes and cupcakes without damaging them. The bottom of the knife is flat, but there is a pointed or diamond-shaped head on the end. I can put the flat part under a decoration and easily place it where I want it. I don’t have to touch it with my hands and worry about damaging it.


Thin Plastic Rolling Pins

Your heavy wooden rolling pin in the kitchen isn’t going to work well for fondant. You need a lightweight one made from plastic. It will easily and smoothly roll the fondant. If you over-roll your fondant, it isn’t going to stick well. It may crack when you pick it up. This is one of my favorite tools, and I use it every time I work with fondant.

I have two sizes, a large 20” one to roll out fondant to place over a round cake. The other one is much smaller, and I use it to roll fondant for decorations and designs. Both are easy to work with, but I find alternating between the two helps me get the results I want for the specific fondant work I am doing.

While fondant rolling pins all look similar, don’t be fooled! Some of them are poorly made, and they won’t roll your fondant correctly. Avoid cheap imitates, get a product proven to work. I encourage you to read reviews from other cake decorators to see what they use and why. I wish I had done that before buying some! I tossed those out and replaced them with better thin plastic rolling pins.

It made a world of difference in the outcome with my fondant. If you don’t roll it well, it is a challenge to work with. It is harder to decorate your cake or cupcakes. It can be impossible to get your decorations the right thickness if you can’t roll your fondant to the thickness you are after.


These tools are used for fondant, and they will help you create designs for cakes and cupcakes. I use mine all the time to make delightful decorations I place on top of cakes and cupcakes. These tools make it fun and they help you bring your creative side to life! With the use of such tools, I create remarkable cakes and cupcakes. I rely on my tools to get the outcome I want every time! Invest in quality fondant tools to help you have fun and delight in what you create with them!

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