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Working with fondant, or sugar paste as it is sometimes called, you can make amazing cakes! The product can cover the entire cake instead of using icing. You can also create decorations and unique elements using fondant. It is disappointing though when the product isn’t easy to work with. Poor quality fondant can sabotage your project from the start. It won’t look or taste like you want it to, and that is a huge disappointment.

When you know how to test fondant quality, you won’t have such concerns. You can increase the chance of the product being exceptional from the start. You can test it before you use it to confirm it is a quality product. Otherwise, there is no point in proceeding with what you plan to create from that fondant. Some consumers assume a higher-priced product is going to deliver the best quality.

My experience has been when you find an excellent fondant supplier, you can count on them to deliver a good product every time. You don’t have to question the quality because they uphold very high standards. This gives you peace of mind when you purchase it that the product is quality. At the same time, saving money is important. You don’t need expensive fondant for it to be made from top ingredients.

I always buy fondant wholesale because it is less expensive that way. As you continue reading, I will share tips with you about the quality of fondant including:

· How to identify quality fondant

· Why you should use a professional grade

· Reviews by other consumers

· Properly storing fondant

How to Identify Fondant Quality

You can tell plenty about the quality of fondant by the way it looks and the consistency of it. There are a few tips and tricks I will share with you to ensure you know the quality before you try to use it. Hopefully, you are happy with the testing process and you can determine the fondant is perfect for the cake you wish to cover or the decorations you plan to make from it.

Start with the fondant at room temperature. It isn’t a good idea to refrigerate it. That will only make it harder to work with. On a clean surface, knead and work it in your hands. The consistency should be stretchy. If your fondant is cold, it is going to tear when you try to knead it or try to stretch it. The ingredients in quality fondant are designed to make it stretchy, so if the product you have won’t stretch, the quality is lacking. Ingredients added to help with the stretching of fondant include sugar, various flavors, and gum.

Quality fondant should be soft and also somewhat sticky. If it is too sticky though it will be very difficult to roll it. If it is a bit sticky though it makes it easier to work with. The stickiness ensures the fondant will stay where you place it. When creating decorations from fondant, that sticky nature helps them hold their shape and details.

Cracking isn’t a good outcome when you work with fondant. If it is cracking when you try to use it, the quality may be missing and you should find a better product to work with. However, it is vital to understand conditions in your environment can adversely affect fondant. For example, if you live in an area with high levels of humidity, the fondant may crack despite it being a quality professional-grade product.

When rolling your fondant, you don’t want to roll it too much. This makes the fondant too thin. It will be very hard to work with and tear when you pick it up. It may crack too because there isn’t enough thickness to hold it together. That is a sign of poor execution with the product, and not lacking quality.

When you roll fondant, lightly dust your countertop with confectioner sugar. Take a piece of fondant and knead it for a few minutes in your hands and on the counter. Use a fondant roller, not a common rolling pin. That tool will influence how easily your fondant rolls. Start in the middle and roll it outward.

Turn the fondant about ¼ of a circle each time you roll. This will prevent it from sticking to the counter. This method also gets the fondant to the same thickness all the way around. You want it to be as smooth and even as possible. If it is too thin and you are confident you have quality fondant to work with, don’t get discouraged. Knead it again and start over. With some practice, you will soon get your desired results when you roll out fondant.


Why should I use a professional-grade product?

Professional-grade fondant is much better than the average product you can purchase. It has the best ingredients and texture. The manufacturing process is better too, and that influences how easy the product is to roll. The goal is to find quality fondant you can work with. It process should be fun for you, not frustrating and difficult. If the product works against you, it is a challenge you will struggle with.

It is worth it to buy a professional-grade fondant product. You can count on it to deliver quality, appearance, and taste. It is used by professional cake decorators and in restaurants. Such products do cost a bit more, but the value is there. It will eliminate problems relating to poor-quality fondant products.

Sadly, many consumers think all fondant products are the same. They don’t understand the differences among the brands. They don’t realize a professional-grade product is available to them. They blame themselves when the fondant doesn’t work for them like it should. If it fails to roll well, they may assume their skills are lacking. While it does take time to learn to work with fondant, the better the quality of that product, the better your results will be with it.

Compare professional-grade products to determine what is best for your projects. If they only offer white, you can easily add food coloring or food gel to create your desired color. Make sure you color enough of the fondant at the same time though. If you need more, it will be very difficult to get the same shade as you did the first time.

As you use fondant, you will get a good idea of how much it will take to complete a project. While you want to color enough of it, you don’t want to waste large amounts of it either. You can store the unused colored fondant and use it for decorations and designs if there isn’t enough of it remaining to cover a cake.


Why are Reviews from Other Consumers Important?

A wealth of information is offered when you read reviews from other consumers. What did they experience when they tried a certain type of fondant product? What are the pros and cons they report? When many consumers talk highly of a certain product, it can encourage you to purchase it and try it yourself. On the other hand, when you read tons of negative reviews about a fondant product, you can cross it off your list. You don’t have to learn the hard way that it isn’t a good quality product.

How to Properly Store Fondant

Fondant will dry out quickly if it is left open. Be mindful of this, and cover up what you aren’t using, even when you are working on a cake project. A great tip is to cover it in plastic wrap, then uncover it and take off the chunk you need to work with. Quickly cover the rest of it up tightly again.

Fondant should be stored at room temperature. Wrap it securely and place it in an airtight container. Place the product at room temperature in a dry space. This will extend the life of the fondant and make it usable when you get it out again. Fondant doesn’t spoil, but the quality of it will diminish if it isn’t stored correctly. You can store it for up to two years after you purchase it.

Properly storing fondant so you can use wholesale products is important. If the product is ruined because you didn’t store it properly, you have to toss it out and that money is wasted. I always write the date on my fondant so I know when I purchased it.

Testing fondant quality ensures you know the value of what you work with before you start a cake-decorating project. Buying professional-grade fondant gives you access to the best-made product, and you don’t have to worry about the quality being less than it should be. When you read customer reviews, you can confidently buy such products, and even buy wholesale fondant and store it to use later. Understanding the proper steps to maintain the quality of fondant extends how long it will last. It will be ready to use when you plan to decorate your next cake!

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