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Many people wonder if it is healthy to eat sprinkles. They love adding them to cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Yet they try to live a healthy lifestyle. Some are watching their sugar intake and others are counting calories. While sprinkles don’t fall into the category of healthy food, they can be a delightful addition when you want a sweet treat or you are celebrating a special occasion.

Sprinkles can dress up any type of dessert you have in mind. They are fun, easy to use, and so many options. You can choose the colors you like, holiday-themed sprinkles, mixed sprinkles, or something elegant to celebrate a special occasion. They add character and a wonderful taste to any cake, cookie, or cupcake.

Too many decorating options take hours and hours to complete. I used to get stressed out thinking about it. Plus, they are expensive because you need so many ingredients to mix together to create them. This is why I use sprinkles, it is so fast and simple, but you also have lots of variety to think about. You don’t have to second-guess anything, just use quality products, and make sure the sprinkles stick where you want them.

Clean-up is a breeze too, and I like that about using sprinkles. I don’t want to spend tons of time in my kitchen cleaning up a mess from decorating a cake or cookies. I don’t want those cupcakes I send to school with the kids to be a clean-up job I get overwhelmed by. I have used sprinkles on items for bake sales too, and they tend to get noticed. There is never anything that I take back home with me from such fundraising events.

I encourage you to continue reading as I will share great information with you including:

· What are sprinkles made of?

· How many calories do sprinkles add?

· Enjoying sprinkles in moderation

· Delicious tastes too good to pass up


What are Sprinkles made of?

The exact ingredients found in sugar pearl products depend on the sprinkle manufacturer. The label will share that information with you. The main ingredient in these products is sugar. Food coloring is also a common ingredient as it gives the jimmies different colors. The variety of sprinkles is remarkable, as they can be found in just about any color you imagine!

Many of these products have a mix of colors in the same container. As you sprinkle the product, it transforms the appearance. The colors enhance the beauty of any cake or cupcake. I enjoy using them on frosted sugar cookies too. They are a family favorite, and I make them for Halloween and at Christmas time.

Corn syrup is found in sprinkles, and it gives them their sweet taste. Some other ingredients you may find in these products include cornstarch and shortening. Sometimes, a type of food-grade wax is also used. It all depends on the specific product and the formula used to create it. Such products are mass-produced in very large quantities.

A variety of artificial flavorings may be added to complete the recipe for such products. Once the formula for a specific mixture is created it is shaped into long, thin strands, similar to noodles but on a mini scale. Those strands are then broken into very small pieces to create each sprinkle.

Such manufacturing is mostly automated, with humans supervising the mixture of ingredients, ensuring the machines operate correctly, and in charge of quality control. Batches of sprinkles are tested at regular intervals to ensure they look like they should and taste like they should.


How Many Calories do Sprinkles Add?

While I use sprinkles often when I bake, I know many people wonder about the calories they add. It all depends on which product you use and how much of them are used. Sometimes, I create a large cake and just put sprinkles around the bottom edge to liven it up. Other times, the entire sides are covered in them. This, of course, dramatically changes the amount of sprinkles on each piece of cake.

On average, one teaspoon of sprinkles equals 10 calories. You can eat quite a few of them on a teaspoon, and that really isn’t a big deal when it comes to the calories. The cakes, cupcakes, and cookies I make have the most calories in the batter and the icing. The sprinkles don’t add too much more to that final calculation.

The label on any product you are interested in will share the serving size and the number of calories. You can estimate that to determine how many are in a serving of what you offer. I find that number to be reasonable, so I brush it off. I am delighted with decorating with sprinkles, and the calorie count is reasonable enough to justify it.

Don’t worry too much about the calories sprinkles add to your desserts. They dress it, up, and they don’t add an extravagant amount of calories in the end. I say life is too short to worry about the little things like the calories from the sprinkles. Enjoy each bite and if you feel guilty, go ride your bike or take a walk around the block to work off that extra calorie intake. Then let it go, and don’t give it a second thought!


Enjoying Sprinkles in Moderation

Consuming sprinkles in moderation is recommended, as they are high in calories and sugar. Consuming too much sugar can increase the risk of health concerns. It can also cause someone to gain weight. Feeling sluggish can result from consuming too much sugar at one time. If you only eat sprinkles of sweets now and then, enjoy each bite.

Don’t worry too much about them if you aren’t consuming them in large quantities. I know some people who count every calorie they take in, and they get frustrated by it. They can’t stick to such a restrictive concept, and they go back to habits they aren’t thrilled with. Everything in moderation means you can stick to good eating habits. Yet you can also enjoy some treats here and there!

If you want to cut some calories, consider half a slice of cake, or eat half the cupcake. You can also scrape some of the sprinkles and icing off of the product to reduce overall calories. I like the way they look and the way they taste, and I serve them to my family often. We eat balanced meals and we exercise. Playing sports, walking, and jumping on the trampoline are just a few ways we burn calories from desserts I make with sprinkles.

I buy sprinkles wholesale to save money and use them frequently for cakes. I also use them for holiday cookies and sometimes for cupcakes. They last a very long time and can be stored for years. You don’t have to use them all immediately, but you will save lots of money buying them in larger quantities than in small amounts.

The cost also depends on the sprinkle manufacturer and the quality of the product. You don’t need to buy the most expensive products to experience top quality. I learned the hard way that spending more didn’t increase the value of the sprinkles because often, the moderately priced products were the best. Buying in bulk is a great way to reduce the cost overall when you use sprinkles like I do.

I make plenty of cakes that aren’t consumed just by my family. I often make them as my gift to people for birthdays and parties. I get asked to make them a few times a month, and if I can fit them into my schedule, I do so. Friends and family have learned to ask me well in advance though so they aren’t disappointed if I don’t have the time to bake for them.

Delicious Taste Too Good to Pass Up

I love the way sprinkles make my baked goods look. I have so many creative ways I use them for cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. It is fun to mix it up and try something new. You can’t go wrong with sprinkles, and while they aren’t healthy for you, they aren’t going to harm you either. They taste delicious, and I would never pass them up!

My grandma used to tell us she would eat dessert first and then food! We all laughed, thinking this was an insane way to live! Well, she lived to be 100, and she was one of the happiest people I ever saw. She lit up with delight too when I showed up at her house with a cake covered in sprinkles. She would tell me, let’s have a piece now! She knew how to live, and I often think of her with a smile on my face when I taste the sprinkles on items I make!



Sprinkles aren’t a healthy food, but they aren’t bad for you when consumed in moderation. Enjoy that piece of cake or a cookie with icing and sprinkles! If your diet is mainly balanced and healthy plus you get daily exercise, don’t worry about it too much. Enjoy this great tasting option, sprinkles are great tasting!

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