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While cake-decorating sprinkles aren’t a new concept, they continue to bring new life to cake-decorating ideas! The possibilities are endless, and they are both fun and colorful, adding beauty to a cake. They can be the only decoration you use or part of the overall creative idea you have for the finished product.

You can’t go wrong using rainbow sprinkles for example! It can be a fun way for someone new to cake decorating to get started. The use of cake-decorating sprinkles is timeless, and that is why even those with plenty of experience decorating cakes continue to use them. There are different items available for changing seasons and holidays too that can be incorporated into the decorating process.

There is so much I would like to share with you about cake-decorating sprinkles and this 2023 market trend! It is possible to use them to add character to any cake you decorate. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is or what time of year! As you continue to read I will share information with you about:

· Simple but elegant use of cake-decorating sprinkles

· Beautiful colors available

· Holiday and seasonal sprinkles

· Selecting your product

· Best practices to apply your cake-decorating sprinkles

Simple but Elegant

Why do so many people use cake-decorating sprinkles? It is a simple but elegant way to add some flare to any type of cake. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, this type of decorating is simple for anyone to complete. It is fast, and you don’t have to worry about mistakes. You can apply a few sprinkles around the base of the cake or add a ton of them. You get to control the desired outcome you want for a given cake!

The expanded market of cake-decorating sprinkles has added to this trend too! They aren’t all the same! This variety can help you select the colors or themes you wish to have for a cake. It is fun to shop for them and explore the many options. You will come up with creative ideas too when you see these delightful cake-decorating sprinkles!

You don’t have to pay someone to make a cake for you. It is affordable and simple to create one at home. You can select the flavor of the cake, the type and color of the icing or fondant, and the color or theme for the sprinkles. With so much variety, it opens a gateway to lovely cakes you can bake and decorate all year long!


Beautiful Colors

One of the most popular 2023 market trends for cake-decorating sprinkles is mixed colors in the same container. They are bright and fun to work with! They are commonly called rainbow sprinkles. They blend well with any color of icing or fondant you have on the cake. They make a cake festive and colorful without much effort.

Some rainbow sprinkles are small, round balls. Others are thin pieces. Both of them look amazing and they are easy to work with. It is a personal choice of which of them you would like to add to your cake. There is no right or wrong decision. You will find them sold in various-sized containers too. If you plan to use them often, buy a larger container of rainbow sprinkles so you have them accessible when you want to use them!



Holiday and Seasonal

Another reason cake-decorating sprinkles are so popular is the variety offered for different holidays and seasons. You will find delightful themes you can use for these times of the year. The Christmas holiday sprinkles are top sellers. Following close behind them are the Halloween- themed options. I enjoy using the spring pastel colors for Easter and the fall colors to transition from summer to this time of year with cooler temperatures and falling leaves.

I recommend buying holiday sprinkles in bulk to save money on them! You will pay far less this way, and get a large amount of them to use for cake decorating. Since these sprinkles last for years, you can buy them in bulk and put any you don’t use away for the next year. I always buy holiday sprinkles in bulk to save money and have plenty of variety on hand for my cake-decorating projects.

It takes about one pound of sprinkles to cover a 10-inch cake. Make sure you have enough for the project you have in mind. A few times, I ran out of sprinkles to complete the project I was working on and it was a mess! Now that I buy my sprinkles in bulk, I don’t have that worry anymore! The amount of sprinkles it takes to decorate a cake depends on the size of the cake, where you place them, and how thick you put them on.

Selecting your Product

No matter what plans you have for cake-decorating sprinkles, make sure you get a quality product! This includes cake-decorating bulk items. It isn’t worth it to save money but the product isn’t properly created. Poor quality sprinkles won’t stick in place well, and that becomes messy. The colors also run, and that can ruin your cake’s appearance. You don’t want to be disappointed with how the cake looks.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to get products from a top-notch sprinkle manufacturer. Our sprinkles company has been in business for a long time. We are proud to offer our customers a variety of products for a fair price. We encourage you to complete your research and read reviews about our company before you make that initial purchase. You will be thrilled with the positive information you find!

Many of our customers share that once they purchased our sprinkles for cake decorating, they haven’t bought them from any other sprinkle manufacturer. They noticed a significant difference, and they won’t cut corners again!

Best Practices

While there are endless possibilities when it comes to using cake-decorating sprinkles, learning best practices will help you get the results you seek. I learned the hard way about common mistakes that can deflate your pride in cake decorating. Don’t worry, as you put these best practices I am going to share with you into practice, you will enjoy the cake-decorating process with sprinkles more and more!

If you plan to add sprinkles to buttercream frosting, don’t wait too long to add them. Once the buttercream starts to get hard, the sprinkles will no longer stick to it. With fondant, I place the cake into the refrigerator for a couple of hours. They seem to stay in place better on a cold cake than one that is at room temperature.

Always let the icing or frosting dry for a bit before you add the sprinkles. It is best to apply them about 12 hours or less before you plan to serve the cake. This reduces the risk of color bleeding. The longer the cake sits after you apply the sprinkles, the greater risk of this happening. That is especially true with lower-quality cake-decorating sprinkles.

I know activities and dinners can be busy but plan your time accordingly for the best practices. I often bake my cake the day before. Then I add the fondant or icing and the sprinkles the day I plan to serve the cake. It looks amazing, and I can proudly put it on display until we are ready to cut it and enjoy it!

Use the palm of your hand to gently pat the sprinkles into the cake once you apply them. This secures them to the icing or fondant. They are less likely to fall off when you move the cake or cut the cake. Press them firmly but not so hard that your hand goes into the cake! Use gentle pressure to start, and apply more pressure if you need to. As you practice, you will get a feel for doing this!

This is an excellent tip to secure sprinkles around the side of a round cake! Otherwise, many of them can fall off before you serve the cake. It can result in uneven areas or bare spots that are hard to hide. Take your time applying sprinkles for the best result. It shouldn’t be done haphazardly or when you are in a rush.

Applying cake-decorating sprinkles to your cakes will get faster and faster the more you practice. It is one of the easiest cake-decorating options, and you don’t need a lot of tools or experience to create a terrific cake!

Buying a product from an excellent sprinkles company will help you love the finished appearance of your decorated cake! This 2023 market trend offers fun options including rainbow sprinkles. You can choose where you put them on the cake and how many you use. Follow best practices to apply them to the cake and ensure they stay in place. This is a fun and simple way to turn a basic cake into something that looks beautiful!

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