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Don’t leave it up to luck to find the best fondant for your cake. I have used so many terrible products until I found better options. I used to think my skills were lacking. Turns out I just didn’t have the right product to work with from the start. Don’t underestimate the fact that there are vast differences among these products.

Another mistake I made was thinking fondant and gum paste were the same thing. While they are similar, they are also different. Yet you can use them together to create what you need! As you learn such tricks and tips, your cake decorating improves. You can gain confidence to try challenging projects you never would have attempted before!

You don’t have to experience the struggles I have been through to find the best fondant for your cake. Instead, you can use these 5 ways I share with you for excellent results. Your cakes will look amazing, putting a smile on your face. Plus, you won’t spend hours trying to fix mistakes or get it to look the way you want it. When you can move the process along at a reasonable speed, it is more enjoyable for you! These methods include:

· Find a quality fondant supplier

· Why Bakerydeco Fondant is a great choice

· How to test fondant quality

· Fondant versus gum paste

· Buy wholesale to save money on fondant


Find a Quality Fondant Supplier

Time and time again, I purchased the cheapest fondant I could find. I even colored my own to save money on it. I struggled to work with it and was ready to give up. A friend of mind, who is amazing with her fondant cake decorating, tried to give me words of encouragement. She asked me what I was using.

That is when we discovered the cheap stuff I was using didn’t stand up to quality fondant products. Now that I am really on a quality fondant supplier, I see significant improvements in my finished work. On the flip side of that, don’t rush out and pay for the most expensive fondant you can find either. There are many moderately priced products out there that work just as well as those in the higher price range.

If you are new to working with fondant, you can use this tip to help you get on the right track from the start! Don’t beat yourself up though if you fall under the category I was working under. Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know and move forward. However, now that you have the facts about quality fondant suppliers and that it does matter, it doesn’t make sense to go back to using what you were before.

Why Bakerydeco Fondant is a Great Choice

The right fondant is important to the outcome you get with cake decorating. Not only with the ease of working with the fondant but the finished result.  That is why I would love to introduce you to Bakerydeco fondant. This is a great choice and you can purchase it for a reasonable cost.

Our is based out of China, and it is an excellent fondant product for beginners to work with. However, I know many intermediate and professional-level cake decorators that use it. They appreciate the consistency and they find the overall value with the quality of the product and price is hard to match by any other brands on the market.

Our company continues to improve the fondant too, by combining the best science and technology into this product. At the same time, we take pride in offering consumers products that are safe to use and taste delicious! The texture of Bakerydeco fondant makes it easy to work with. It can also be used successfully in high-humidity regions. That is something I truly appreciate as the humidity can spell disaster for cake decorating if you don’t have the right products to stand up against it.

You will agree Bakerydeco fondant has a wonderful flavor to it. A common complaint with some brands is the fondant looks amazing, but it doesn’t taste appealing. A cake should be beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. You shouldn’t have to choose if it will look great or taste great. The overall equation needs to include both of those factors. With Bakerydeco fondant, common pitfalls disappear!

How to Test Fondant Quality

I would like to share with you how to test fondant quality. This will help you determine if a product is right for the project you have before you get started. The fondant should be soft and you should be able to take a chunk of it and knead it without it crumbling. I stick with white fondant and add color to it as I need to. One reason for this is bright colored fondant will fade quickly.

Always smell your fondant before you use it. If you smell any type of foul odor, it may be bad. Err on the side of caution and toss it out. You don’t want anyone that eats your cake to become ill because of the fondant. If you can’t be positive it is still good, don’t take the chance with it. You are putting the health of others at risk if you choose to do so.

Inspect fondant you have stored for any signs of mold. Store it properly in secured plastic bags. Any signs of mold should motivate you to toss out the entire batch. Some people are tempted to just remove the mold you can see. The problem with that is there can be mold spores on other parts of the fondant that you aren’t seeing. This is also a health risk you shouldn’t expose anyone else to.

There are several advantages to using Bakerydeco fondant when it comes to quality too. This includes:

· Stretches easily

· Easy to roll

· Excellent white color without the addition of carbon dioxide due to the quality of the sugar

· Doesn’t get sticky


Fondant Versus Gum Paste

There was a time when I didn’t think there was a difference between fondant and gum paste. I thought the two terms were interchangeable. If you aren’t aware of the differences, this is a grand learning opportunity. It is also a chance for you to learn how the two components can work together to create the consistency and look you want for a decorated cake. The biggest difference between fondant and gum paste is the specific ingredients used to create each product. Fondant is smooth and that is why it is used to decorate the top and sides of a cake. It can be used to create decorations too by manipulating pieces of fondant material into various shapes.

Gum paste is best used to create detailed, intricate designs. This includes flowers which are common for cake decorating. Gum paste gets hard while fondant will remain soft. Remember, if fondant is hard it has gone bad and you shouldn’t use it! It would be very difficult to successfully cover a cake with gum paste because of that hardening element.

You can cover your cake with fondant though and then add decorations made from gum paste. That is what I do, and the two concepts work well together. You don’t have to choose one of them over the other. This is an opportunity to expand your creativity and see what you come up with when you use the two elements on the same cake.


Buy Wholesale to Save Money on Fondant

While many people like the ease of using fondant and the taste, they are deterred by the cost of it. I once was, and that is how I ended up in that pitfall of using poor-quality fondant. I was trying to reduce the cost involved with decorating my cakes. A wonderful way to balance your desire to save money with top-quality fondant is to buy it wholesale.

This is only a good idea if you plan to use a great deal of it. Most fondant expires within a year after it is opened. Always read this information before you buy the product in bulk. It is only justified to buy it this way if you know you will use it up. Typically, only white fondant is sold in bulk. Then you can add your own color to it. If you get large amounts that are colored, it may lose that luster before you use it all.

Proper storage of wholesale fondant is important to understand. If you don’t store it correctly, the product will get dry and crumbly. If any moisture gets to it, the fondant can become too sticky to work with. You also have to worry about mold developing on it. Store the fondant in airtight plastic bags. Label the date that you purchased it and the date it expires so you have that information visible.



Now that you have valuable information, you can put these 5 ways to get excellent results to the test! It is fun to work with fondant, and the designs you can create are limitless. This is an opportunity for you to practice cake decorating, hone your skills, and take pride in your work. It doesn’t matter if your cakes are for personal use at home or if you share them with others. They should look and taste spectacular! 

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