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If you already know how to make cakes and know how to frost the cakes, then you can decorate the cakes beautifully. This does not mean that you need to use a piping bag to draw all kinds of complicated patterns and text on the cake like a professional. You just need to have a try as described below,such as some valentines baking sprinkles when you are making your valentine cake, simple and beautiful with all kinds of additional delicacy and Valentine's day romance.

Ⅰ. Use sanding sugar sprinkles or sugar pearls to decorate

Design with colored sprinkles funfetti: you can place the sprinkles funfetti according to a certain pattern or lines. Of course, if there is no pattern or well-designed line, you can put the sprinkles funfetti on your hand and sprinkle it on the cake randomly. This method is very special which is suitable for those students who are not very familiar with using frosting to cover the surface of the cake. After covering these colorful sanding sugar for baking on the frosting, nobody will notice that whether your frosting is even and smooth.

Small pearls on the cake: Decorating desserts with sugar pearls is also a very cute way. It may seem too dull only with the chocolate sauce and butter frosting, but if you continue to pile some white pearl candy, the color and richness will naturally be different.

Ⅱ. Use other sprinkles funfetti for cake decoration

Animal-shaped sanding sugar sprinkles are also very refreshing decorative props. Sprinkle some animal-shaped sprinkles funfetti on the cake to turn ordinary cakes into cute cake with fairy tales. Therefore, choose some cute candy, such as rabbit candy, fish-shaped candy, Mickey Mouse candy, mermaid candy, etc., to make the cake fresh.

The freckles on the surface of the cake are simple and cute. Glue some larger chocolate beans on the side of the cake at certain intervals, and sprinkle smaller chocolate beans on the top of the cake. A cute and playful cake is complete. Fruit is a good ingredients for cakes. As long as you pile your favorite fruit on the cake, pour a little jam, and sprinkle some strawberry shaped sprinkles on the jam, it will be extraordinary immediately.

You can also dye butter frosting with food coloring and use it as a watercolor. Simple dyeing of frosting can make cakes amazing, such as the watercolor cakes mentioned above. But if you want the cake to have more design factors, you can dye the frosting into various colors, then use a piping bag to squeeze large dots on the side, and finally use a spoon or spatula to spread it in the same direction.

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