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PC Chocolate Mould

Do you love creating chocolate candies, truffles and bonbons? Do you want your creations to not only taste good but also look amazing? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered! The PC chocolate bar polycarbonate molds are all you have been looking for! This polycarbonate chocolate mould can help you to create professional standard chocolates every time. 

Whether you are a professional or a chocolate enthusiast, PC molds is all you need if you are looking for incomparable professional results, fine details and an incredible gloss finish on your chocolates. These PC custom polycarbonate chocolate molds as cheap baking tools are simple to work with, easy demold and to clean, they are durable and long lasting, and with proper care and use will last for many years. We can provide professional polycarbonate chocolate moulds.

Specification of PC Mould

Use: high resistance; directly contact food

Color:transparent color

Materials: food grade plastic

Size:common sizes and assorted sizes (You can customize.)

Notes: Before first and after each use, hand wash in warm, soapy water; rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth

Advantages of PC Mould

  • Superior Quality: PC mould are made of high quality Food-grade plastic and safe to directly contact food; durable to hold heat/cold material, no more worry about breaking or deformation. BPA Free, safe for food and they are strong, durable and always enjoy stunning chocolates.

  • Elegant and Convenient Design: These baking tools & accessories are durable and attractive looking, easy to clean, and can be placed in the dishwasher safely after using.

  • Easy to Release: It's very easy to use, the chocolate mould is non-sticky, non toxic, odorless, reusable. Never tarnish or deformation, just enjoy more fun to DIY healthy treats.

  • Wide Application:Not only used for making chocolate, but also used for making mousse, jelly, pralines, truffles, sweets, bonbons, cookies, hard candies, add more fun to your DIY party, and the molds can be well applied in microwave, freezer, or dishwasher.

  • Special points:We can customize baking measure tools for you, such as unique design and so on.

Application of PC Mould

PC mould for baking work and kitchen work

FAQs oF Pc Mould

  • Q. How to use PC mould properly?
    A :

    1, Clean the mold

    2, Fill the mold with melted chocolate and tap well

    3, Put molds in fridge 10 minutes

    4, Unmould your chocolate

  • Q. What is the function of measuring cup?

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