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A delicate and delicious cake is not only palatable, but also a work of art. The cupcakes are mounted with a layer of cream, like a blank canvas, let the creators use their imagination to create. You can use sanding sugar on cake to create various patterns.

Ⅰ. Use sprinkles funfetti, spices, etc. decorate sanding sugar on cake

When colorful sanding sugar sprinkles are used to decorate cupcakes, they need to match the overall color and decoration theme of the cupcakes. So when you choose, you must consider the size, color, shape and other aspects of sanding sugar sprinkles. When using sprinkles funfetti to decorate the top of cupcakes, it is best to sprinkle the sprinkles funfetti unevenly on the surface, so that it looks more flexible and creative. However, it is best not to let the choice of sugar sprinkles funfetti in food stores limit creativity.

In addition to sanding sugar sprinkles on cake, there are a variety of edible sugar beads or candies, which can also be used to decorate cupcakes instead of sugar particles, such as chocolate chips, silver sugar beads, marshmallows, valentine heart sprinkles,etc. You can also use some spices to enrich the flavor of cupcakes, such as cinnamon, ginger powder, clove powder, etc., to make the flavor fuller.

Ⅱ. How to make cupcakes with sanding sugar sprinkles?

1. Prepare a piping bag filled with butter and a cake base. Then point the center of the flower bag vertical cake surface at a height of 1cm, and then squeeze the cream in the middle of the cake surface.

2. Rotate the cream in a clockwise direction around the center at a constant speed, while squeezing out the cream at a constant speed, lifting it up while squeezing it.

3. The finished cake is cone-shaped as a whole, and the whole is round and full.

4. Then sprinkle sanding sugar cake decorating on top. (The cake embryo is improved on the basis of the milk chiffon cake. You only need to add sanding sugar sprinkles to the cake batter and stir it a little. The surface of the cream frosting is also decorated with colored sanding sugar sprinkles or colored sugar beads, and the overall color is consistent and beautiful.)

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