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Clover Sprinkles Press Candy

Item No.: SCN-16PO

Shelf Life: 18months

MOQ: 60-100kgs/color

Ingredient of Clover Sprinkles Press Candy

Dextrose,Dextrin,Corn starch,Glucose syrup,Magnesium stearate,Artificial vanilla flavor,Gum arabic,Shellac,Carnauba wax,FD & C Artificial colors

Nutritional Information of Clover Sprinkles Press Candy

Nutrition Facts; Serving size 100g; Amount Per Serving %Daily Value*; Calories 372Calories form Fat 0; Total Fat 0g 0%; Saturated Fat 0g 0%; Trans Fat0g 0%; Cholesterol 0mg 0%; Sodium 0mg 0%; Total Carbohydrate 93g 31%; Dietary Fiber 0g 0%; Sugars 82g; Includes 81g added sugars; Protein0g; Vitamin D 0% Calcium 0% Iron 0%; Potassium 15 mg

Description of Clover Sprinkles Press Candy

Clover Sprinkles Press Candy, homemade cake sprinkles. What is the most typical symbol for Saint Patrick's Day? Must be this green and energetic Clover. Believe clover sprinkles will give you brave and love. We can provide green leaf sprinkles including dark green, emerald green, lime green sprinkles.

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