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The Difference Surface Of Cake Decoration Sprinkle

Sprinkle is the perfect decoration for cake and bakery products not only for its creative designs, and various color, and also for the different surfaces. The different surfaces of sprinkle can create various decoration effects.

As a professional cake sprinkle manufacturer in china, bakerydeo has followed up the market trends and fashions and devote to developing various choices for our customers. So far, we can produce and supply all kinds of different surface sprinkle including polished, pearlized and matte, etc. Here we would like to share with you the difference to let you better understand our sprinkle.

Generally, there 3 main types of surface sprinkle, pearlized, polished, and matte for all the sprinkle. The pearlized surface is very bright and shiny, and the unique mirror effect makes all the cakes and desserts bling-bling looking. Polished is another kind of surface, that also with glossiness, but is not so bright and shiny. It is a traditional sprinkle surface with understated luxury beauty. Matte is the newest kind of sprinkle surface that is popular these years. It is similar to the polishing surface but keeps the original color without any glossiness. Especially, the matte surface sprinkle is very popular in the market for its simplicity and austere and is perfect for lovely and brisk style decorations.

Below are the photos of the different surfaces of sugar pearls, shaped candy, jimmies, and confetti, and sanding sugar that gives you a vivid look and understands their difference.

1. Pearlized, polished, and matter sugar pearls


2. Pearlized, polished, and matte press candy


3. Polished and pearlized jimmies


4. Pearlized and polished confetti


5. Polished and pearlized sanding sugar


Bakerydeco is a professional and creative decoration candy and sprinkle supplier, we not only can produce the typically polished, pearlized, and matte surface sprinkle. As the market demand, we also develop the metal surface sprinkle including silver, gold, and metallic silver and metallic gold surface. Below are the photos of these 4 different kinds of metal surfaces on sugar pearls. So you can see the metallic silver and gold sprinkle is super bright and has metal tone glossiness than the regular silver and gold surface. With the special metal texture look, these metal surface sprinkle also very hot-selling among our sprinkle wholesalers and distributors. If you mix them with the regular polished, pearlized, and matte sprinkle, will create an amazing sprinkle mix and also be widely used in the holiday sprinkle mix.


Some people may wonder did metal surface sprinkle is edible.

Actually, the regular silver and gold surface sprinkle is edible that coated with the edible silver and gold pigment. But the metallic silver and gold surface sprinkle is not edible. It is only for decoration. Even though they are not edible, they are still very hot in some markets, like southeast, south America and African, etc countries. People use them only for decoration, not for eating.

How to choose these different surface sprinkle? Did they suitable for my market?

Generally speaking, the polished and matte surface is suitable for all markets. In some markets, like UK, Germany, and France, etc European countries that not allowed to use e171 (carbon dioxide). The pearlized and gold surface sprinkle will not allow selling in these markets because that container e171. As you can see in these market, most of the sprinkle is polished and matte surface. Take another example, under the FDA food standard, e174(silver) is forbidden, and the metallic silver sprinkle is not a good choice. So it depends on the detailed requirement of your market.  If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us at bakerydeco.

In a word, the different types surface of sprinkle with can create various cake decorations effects and allow us to make amazing designs come true. And also of the different surface sprinkle, the cake maker can work out thousands of sprinkle mix designs and add a lot of surprises to our sweet life.

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